SNL Tom Brady #DeflateGate Press Conference Scandal Gets Major YouTube Views [Video]

When people search for “SNL” and “Tom Brady” on Google or YouTube on Sunday, what pops up are videos like “SNL Patriots Press Conference Cold Open” from NBC, which shows the Season 40, Episode 12 opening of SNL taking the current Tom Brady “DeflateGate” controversy head-on in true SNL fashion.

Already, videos like “Deflate Gate SNL Cold Opening Tom Brady Saturday Night Live” by youaintnut on YouTube, posted 11 hours ago at midnight Eastern Time on Saturday night, have received thousands upon thousands of views, proving that the SNL skit’s in-depth look at #DeflateGate was supremely popular. The SNL sketch featured a clueless-acting Tom Brady at a brand new SNL Bill Belichick press conference that opened with Kenan Thompson as Greg Gumbel, sporting a tight curly wig and excellent diction for the fake SNL version of Inside the NFL.

“The NFL is facing another scandal, and this time it actually has something to do with football.”

According to MTV News, the January 24 SNL cold open showed Coach Bill Belichick tossing Tom Brady under the bus, and the brilliant clueless look of Brady (as played by Taran Killam) kept reiterating that Tom had nothing to do with deflating the footballs.

“As you can tell, I’m taking this very seriously, that’s why I got dressed up. I had absolutely nothing to do with deflating those footballs. I’d like to spend the next several minutes throwing my quarterback [Tom Brady] under the bus. I never really trusted the guy — I mean, anyone that good looking and rich — you’ve seen American Psycho.”

Meanwhile, the SNL version of Tom Brady takes the podium and claims he knows nothing about #DeflateGate.

The only thing the goofy SNL Tom Brady guy wants to talk about is tossing bomb spirals, without thinking about air pressure in the balls that come from pigs — that’s nerd stuff that Tom assumes happened naturally when the pigskins came from the pigs. Brady blames the head guy in charge — the assistant equipment co-manager Dougie Spoons, but not before Tom talks about his hat.

“I just want to address the elephant in the room. This is a vintage hat. All right, laters. I wasn’t even aware that footballs could be inflated or deflated. I’m just the quarterback. Once I take that football, I’m just worried about throwing bomb-a$% lobs. That’s above my pay grade.”

When reminded he makes millions per year, Tom Brady plays dumb.

“Is that a lot? I’m not a banker. I’m not a science computer.”

Meanwhile, Spoons confesses — a la “you can’t handle the truth” A Few Good Men style — about being the one responsible for #DeflateGate. As reported by the Inquisitr, SNL skits like this one with Tom Brady or when Nicki Minaj starred as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian in “Paper” can really bring the viewers.

[Image via Tom Brady SNL skit]