WWE News: Backstage Update On The Ascension, Vince McMahon Already Wanting To Drop Them?

The new WWE tag team, The Ascension, have not been doing well since they came up from WWE NXT. Both men were praised for their work in developmental, and it made all the sense in the world to bring them up. The issue is, they have not been hitting the same way since. Most believe it is how NXT has used them compared to the main roster. As we know, the main roster and NXT have totally different creative and writing staffs.

That means a talent may or may not be used the same in the WWE coming from the developmental NXT. It is a sad but true fact that those who come up from NXT may often times be talented, but can die on the main roster. The thing is, the duo of Konnor and Viktor are by no means terrible. The problem is that WWE has made them into some campy, older tag team that faces no one of note.

Despite making the team into something bad on his own accord, Daily Wrestling News reports that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is already souring on the team. WWE executive Triple H feels that the team needs more time. Triple H may be right, as they have only been on the main roster for a little over a month now. Obviously, they could use more time to show what they are capable of.

The feeling in WWE is that fans aren’t buying into the way they are using The Ascension. The funny thing is that WWE isn’t using them any differently, so instead of switching things up, they are keeping them the same old and tired way. So if they refuse to change how they are using them, clearly they are not going to ever be liked this way.

To many, it is another case of Vince McMahon hating on all things NXT. A month back, Vince claimed that NXT wasn’t that great. He has been souring on many talents there and when The Ascension were brought up, it felt to many that Vince was sending a middle finger to NXT lovers with how he used the popular duo. He has used them completely different from before. One form worked perfectly, so changing it made no sense at all. Clearly when they did change The Ascension up, they possibly meant to make them better. Since it has not worked, one does have to wonder if WWE will use them how NXT did eventually.

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