Is Sarah Palin ‘Seriously Interested’ In Running For President?

Is Sarah Palin 'Seriously Interested" In Running For President?

“Seriously interested” is how Sarah Palin, former vice presidential candidate and political pundit, describes her desire to run for president. But is Palin serious and if so, how serious is she?

When asked if she was interested in a presidential bid during a Washington Post interview Friday, Palin responded.

“You can absolutely say that I am seriously interested.”

At the Iowa Freedom Summit on Saturday, she reiterated how serious she is.

“It is a significant step, of course, for anyone to publicly announce that they’re interested. Who wouldn’t be interested? Who wouldn’t be interested when they’ve been blessed with opportunities to speak about what is important to this country?”

Now the interest is sounding a bit vague. The answers to “Who wouldn’t be interested?” could be many. One answer is those who know little geography and can’t discuss international issues. Another answer might be those who talk much but perform minimally. Yet another answer is those who are not taken seriously.

Chris Cilliza, of the Washington Post, hints — no — states definitively, there’s no indication Palin is seriously considering a 2016 run for the presidency.

“But, here’s the thing: There is NO indication that Palin is ‘seriously’ doing anything that would indicate any real interest in the race aside, of course, from doing that easiest thing of all: Just saying it.”

Now Cilliza is a bit harsh, and how can he be certain?

Running for president takes a lot of preparation, which includes not only having a constituency base (which Palin has), but also growing the base. It also requires expert knowledge on issues — both domestic and foreign — along with an ability to not offend potential swing voters.

These people may be Independents that can be swayed either way, but Palin, a Tea Party member, will never get their votes.

It’s difficult not to remember Palin’s lack of knowledge on Russia from the infamous Katie Couric interview. It’s been nearly seven years since the interview that introduced Palin to the American public.

She’s since established herself as a rebel against political correctness. The Freedom Summit speech cemented Palin’s position.

“We don’t sit on our thumbs this next time when one of our own is being crucified and falsely accused of whatever the hip accusation of the day happens to be — racism, sexism, whatever… It is they who point a finger not realizing that they have triple that amount of fingers pointing right back at them revealing that they are the ones who really discriminate and divide on color and class and sex. We call them out. We don’t let them get away with it.”

That was a mouthful.

Palin is “seriously interested” — but not in a presidential run.

[Image: Fox News]