Kristin Cavallari On Her Bangin’ Bod: ‘I’m Too Skinny And I Don’t Like That’

Kristin Cavallari has a hot body she worked hard for and managed to maintain just one month after giving birth to her second son. The 28-year-old wife of NFL player, Jay Cutler, admits that she thinks she’s “too skinny” and wants a more curvy look to certain parts of her body.

The shoe designer works out four to five times a week and walks up a steep incline on the treadmill for 30 minutes. She eats healthy, reads labels, and sticks mainly with organic foods. She also drinks protein shakes that have greens added, such as spinach. In general, Cavallari says she eats REAL FOOD.

Kristin tells E! News that her body changed after she had children.

“I don’t know why or how, but after I had children, my body changed, and now for me it’s about trying to keep muscle on and gain muscle so that I don’t look too thin.”

The former Hills star wouldn’t mind her look if it was more balanced.

“Especially because I have no curves. I can look really skinny, and I don’t like that look. I’m trying to put on muscle. I’m lifting very heavy weight right now [and] I’m drinking protein shakes.”

Kristin Cavallari is taking workout tips from her husband. She says Jay is giving her his best advice for exercises that enhance gluteal muscles. She’d love t have a bottom like Kim Kardashian!

“He’s helpful with giving me certain moves. I want to make my butt bigger, so he’s telling me what to do. No matter what I did I could never have a Kim Kardashian butt – that’s just not in the cards for me!”

Kristin gave birth to her second son, Jaxson Wyatt, eight months ago. She and Jay have another son, 2-year-old Camden.

Jay and Kristin had a cute interaction on Instagram when there was a bit of chaos with the kiddos. Jay posted a message to his wife that he needed her home “asap” as she flew back from being in L.A. for two days. SB Nation picked up the conversation.

Her Instagram caption read, “Contrary to what many people think, we don’t have a thousand nannies. So with that being said, when I got home from LA 2 days ago this is what I landed to. Pretty hilarious. Ladies, u want your man to appreciate u? Leave them alone with the kids to see what we deal with!”

The Inquisitr also wrote about Kristin Cavallari sharing the difficulties of having a second child.

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