WWE News: Why WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Has Been Writing Roman Reigns’ Promos Lately

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has been hit and miss since his return from injury in late December. Before he was hurt, he showed promise as a potentially huge name for the WWE and its future. The problem was that he needed some work. When he was out, he went to acting classes to hopefully help him with storylines and promos. Unfortunately, they do not seem to be paying off, but is it all Roman’s fault?

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has been personally handling all promos for Roman Reigns. This is why they have been quite campy, boring, and out of touch. Apparently, Vince has a “vision” for Reigns and is trying to build him promo wise toward that very vision. So despite how bad they might be coming off to fans, Vince feels this is “best for business,” if you will.

Most feel that he is destroying the once-promising Reigns character. He very well could be, as fans of Reigns are dwindling. He is drifting into John Cena territory, where male fans are turning away from Reigns but kids and women still like him. If Vince’s vision is to make Roman the next John Cena, he is certainly doing a great job at that. However, even Cena’s promos have not been this bad.

Reigns has been given difficult promos as that, which he eluded to on WWE SmackDown weeks ago with his Sylvester promo. Funny enough, it might have been his best one. While he is improving, he is by no means the electrifying mic worker his cousin The Rock is. That said, if WWE is pushing him into trying to be Rock 2.0, it won’t end well.

Vince has a vision for Reigns, and that is fine. However, if he wants Roman to become a top guy one day, he also has to consider the idea that being favored in the eyes of all fans is important too. If he is only appealing to kids and women, there will eventually be a problem. Besides, wouldn’t they have learned a lesson with the Cena hate?

It is said that the next top guy WWE picks will be Vince’s last. So if he wants it to be Roman, we can probably expect Reigns to be given the world very shortly. Will he be as unstoppable as John Cena? For now, it is uncertain. WWE has a bright future, so even if Reigns is the guy Vince picks, that does not mean he will be the man the fans pick as their top guy. With great guys down in NXT and already on the main roster, it is becoming a crowded field. Roman’s top prospect position is not safe, and he’ll have to fight harder than even John Cena to keep it.

[IMG Credit: Roman-Reigns.net]