WWE News: NXT Superstar Finn Balor Injured At NXT Live Event?

Finn Balor is becoming one of the most-popular superstars on WWE’s roster. The one thing that baffles WWE fans is that he’s still in NXT. Balor made his debut on NXT in November when he came back to help Hideo Itami against the Ascension. The two would go on to tag-team for the next couple of months, until a few weeks ago when WWE Creative decided to separate the two stars.

Even though Balor was a household name among WWE fans for his work with New Japan Pro Wrestling, he won over the WWE fans with his entrance at NXT R Evolution. The theatrics and overall production of his entrance received the appreciative chant of “Holy Sh**!,” and that was for his entrance.

As NXT begins to hold more live events, the workload for each superstar will increase. NXT held a live event in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and Balor worked the event. According to PWInsider.com, Balor sustained an injury during the show.

“Balor continued to hit springboard maneuvers following the injury, but was in a hurry to exit after the match, and reportedly “left on one leg.”

WWE cannot afford to lose Balor for any significant period of time because of his star power and charisma. Along with Adrian Neville, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami, Balor is extremely popular among the WWE fans. In NXT, they treat Balor like the next mega-star.

Scott Dawson, NXT tag-team competitor, is a heel on the show. However, Balor has received massive amounts of respect from his wrestling mates. It’s gotten to the point where heels will talk publicly about how good Balor really is. Dawson tweeted this out last week about the Irish-born superstar.

Make no mistake that the simplest tweet carries more than advertised. Usually, retired wrestlers will make a comment about someone coming up in the business. However, it’s rare to find a current-heel wrestler will publicly put over another competitor.

WWE’s NXT system is full of potential legends in the making. As big of a statement as that is, the aforementioned names like Owens, Zayn, Neville, Itami, Balor and others will carry the WWE into the next generation.

One name that’s being rumored to be called up soon is Kalisto. He’s one-half of the NXT Tag-Team champions alongside Sin Cara and is bound to take the place of Rey Mysterio as the best high-flyer in the WWE.

Balor certainly has the most-upside of any NXT superstar right now. WWE can’t wait too long to bring Balor up from NXT because there’s no mistake that he will be a mega-star on WWE’s main roster. For all the WWE Universe knows, he will show up tonight at the Royal Rumble.

[Image via sportskeeda.com]