WWE News: Justin Gabriel Quits WWE Before ‘Royal Rumble’ Pay-Per-View

WrestleMania season is always a tumultuous time in the WWE, as rumors fly sporadically throughout the WWE Universe. The WWE superstars begin to feel the pressure of the Royal Rumble, which leads into WrestleMania 31. There’s not a lot of time to grab that “brass ring” Vince McMahon laid in front of them. Doing well at the Royal Rumble is the first step.

Apparently to a select number of superstars, they’re tired of grabbing the infamous brass ring, and some even decide to give up altogether. According to SEScoops.com, Justin Gabriel, three-time WWE Tag-Team champion, quit the WWE yesterday.

“Gabriel, real name Paul Lloyd, Jr., signed a developmental deal with the promotion in 2008, where he was assigned to the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) promotion, WWE‘s developmental territory at the time.

In February of 2010, Gabriel competed in the first season of NXT, finishing third in the competition, before being called up to the main roster in June of 2010, joining ‘The Nexus’ faction. Gabriel is a former three-time WWE Tag-Team Champion.”

This news comes as a total surprise because Gabriel was already confirmed for the Royal Rumble match, along with 18 other WWE superstars. Obviously, Gabriel was pulled from the event and is no longer employed by the WWE. His last meaningful appearances came in NXT, when he confronted Hideo Itami and Finn Balor alongside Tyson Kidd.

Gabriel was one of the most-underutilized superstars in the WWE. His wrestling skills were superb, as was his charisma in the ring. When Gabriel’s music hit, he received a mild pop no matter what building he was in. Getting his start with the Nexus, following the first season of NXT, gave Gabriel a platform that never truly pushed off the right way.

The last time the words “WWE” and “quitting” took place was in the Summer when Batista was rumored to quit the WWE after his latest run with the company. He won the Royal Rumble last year, which left the WWE Universe upset on the outcome. This year, it doesn’t seem that a part-time wrestler will win the Royal Rumble match.

As for the superstars who are in the competition this year, it will be another great year for the Royal Rumble. Daniel Bryan’s return, along with many surprises that could occur, won’t disappoint. Going into the match expecting a Roman Reigns victory isn’t a bad mindset, but there’s been a lot of turmoil with Reigns’ push as of late. If an underdog comes out of nowhere to push Reigns over the top rope, just enjoy the ride to WrestleMania 31.

[Image via fanpop.com]