Adam Lambert Can No Longer Ride The Subway After Being Mobbed By Queen Fans

Regular readers of the Inquisitr are aware that the UK has gone Adam Lambert crazy since the 2009 American Idol runner up wowed the nation during Queen’s performance at “Big Ben Live” on New Years Eve. Lambert and Queen are now in the European leg of their world tour, and once again, it is Lambert who is drawing the plaudits. Fans, critics and the media have been singing Lambert’s praises for weeks as Queen’s show has won over the doubters. Brian May has described Lambert as a “gift from God,” and Roger Taylor says simply, “I think Freddie [Mercury] would be his No1 fan. He loved anyone who could sing like that.”

Whilst Lambert is well known in the U.S. after his appearance on American Idol and a brace of very successful albums, he has, until recently, been largely unknown in the UK. As anyone who has visited London will know getting around by road is not easy. The city’s excellent subway system is the preferred mode of transport for many, and a recently as November, Adam took the subway to get around London.


According to the Mirror, Adam “often goes on the tube when he’s here because it’s easier – he did it in November and didn’t have a problem.”

All that has changed now though. It looks like Adam will have to join other celebrities and take a chauffeur driven car or a cab. When Adam traveled around during his gigs in London this month, he was “absolutely mobbed with people asking for pictures and his autograph.”

“He has become a household name since the New Year’s Eve performance with Queen and people have just gone nuts for him!”

The one thing that all of the critics and reviewers have been absolutely in agreement with is that while there are many similarities between Adam Lambert and Freddie Mercury, Lambert is most definitely his own man.

The Express says of Lambert, “This wasn’t somebody trying to emulate Freddie Mercury it was somebody giving a complete new interpretation to the majestic songs.”

Paul Jeeves for the Express commented, “In many ways this is the ultimate homage to Queen and with that in mind, Lambert is as good as it is going to get for fans who yearn for the impossible. And when the song is right boy can this fella sing. He holds all the notes in all the right places and his range is more than impressive. “I Want It All,” “Radio GaGa,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” all fit Lambert’s vocals like a glove and as the crowd embraces him his charisma shines through.”

During Queen’s set, Mercury makes two singing appearances on film, singing “Love Of My Life” and a “Bohemian Rhapsody” duet with Lambert. This leaves Adam telling the adoring fans that “I love him just as much as you guys.”

There is no doubt that Adam Lambert’s star has risen in Europe as a result of the tour with Queen. Sorry, Adam, but you won’t be riding the London Subway again anytime soon.

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