Instagram Followers: Having More Than 500 Instagram Followers Can Help You Make Money

Paula Mooney

These days, having tons of Instagram followers means more than having bragging rights to your popularity. According to USA Today, users who have more than 500 Instagram followers can avail themselves of apps like Popular Pays, an app that can turn those Instagram followers into money when brands pay folks with enough Instagram followers to post photos of their brands or related fare. Indeed, the Popular Pays website surely promises those with healthy numbers of Instagram followers free swag and cold, hard cash to shill for certain brands.

"Your photos are worth more than you think. Instagrammers: Get free products or cash in exchange for posting about brands on Instagram."

Seeing as though this reporter has 328 Instagram followers as of this writing, I guess it's time to step my game up and gather more Instagram followers in order to begin to participate. However, having a following on social media isn't always about trying to sell them stuff. The lead singer for Green Day recently found his Instagram followers very helpful when they assisted Billie Joe Armstrong in recovering his lost dog, reports the Inquisitr.

Yet, it's still hard to deny the money and opportunities that a huge number of Instagram followers can bring. In a new viral article from BuzzFeed titled "Training, Tanning, and Branding With The Bikini Bodybuilding Stars Of Instagram," 26-year-old Ashley Kaltwasser from Akron, Ohio, is profiled as she wins bodybuilding competitions in the bikini class -- a piece that discovers competitors using the #BikiniCompetitor hashtag on Instagram. Ashley is noted in the article as trying to hit 100,000 Instagram followers -- a number that she has well surpassed after winning more competitions and in the wake of the article going viral online.

Ashley isn't the only one turning her Instagram followers into real money. According to MacWorld, 16-year-old Tanner Zagarino makes more than $15,000 per month off of his social media following, with enough followers for Instagram to consider him an "influencer," or a person whose photos and number of likes make a difference when it comes to breaking brands, setting trendsl and encouraging his large number of mostly female Instagram followers to buy things.

For those folks who think they can buy their way to success by purchasing fake Instagram followers, think again. When Instagram performed their recent purge, celebs lost fake followers and money, reports Madame Noire, proving it's best to get Instagram followers the old-fashioned way: one follow at a time.

[Image via Instagram]