These Before And After Adoption Animal Photos Show The Amazing Transformation In Abandoned Pets

Animals that are domesticated develop a strong relationship with their owners. These pets share the same bond that a son or daughter might have with the parents. Hence when these pets are abandoned at shelters, the emotional turmoil can be brutal on these animals in the same way we feel the loss of a loved one. However, with love and care in a new home, these pets can once again find the inner light within them. These photos show the amazing transformation within these animals after they were readopted by new owners and showered with love.

AraImage Credit | Alexandra Stefanel

Just like we humans experience happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love, and hate, research suggests animals too have emotions.

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Animals too undergo emotional turmoil, and these changes are manifested in their behavior.

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The emotions are accompanied by biochemical changes in their brain.

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For quite some time, animal behaviorists have witnessed the “fight or flight” syndrome. It basically helps the animals decide whether to stay back and fight or run away from the danger.

Lucy-LooImage Credit | Ingrid Law

However, domesticated animals might not have these emotional triggers, owing to the enhanced dependency on humans for sustenance, shelter, and protection.

MiraImage Credit | Vyara Mladenova

In addition, researchers have also determined some kind of pleasure triggers, which release other chemicals that bring about a sensation of being soothed.

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These chemicals may also help aggravated animals calm down.


Image Credit | Szabina Nyirfalvi-Lados

Such a phenomenon is commonly observed in domesticated pets, who tend to hide behind an owner who they feel offers them protection.

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Domesticated animals even feel shame. Knowing they have done something that is unacceptable, these pets will react accordingly.

CarozoImage Credit | Alexander Zaragoza

Abusive pet owners have been known to excessively use shaming and intimidation as tools to ensure meek compliance.

ValImage Credit | Imgur

Needless to say, such aggressive techniques take a toll on the emotional condition of the animals that either become too timid or sometimes lash out in anger and frustration.

Nora-BudulisImage Credit | Gintarė Matevičiūtė

Most common reason for the sudden change in your pet’s behavior can be stress induced by an oppressive member of the family.

Bumble_BeeImage Credit | Bored Panda

Be wary if your beloved, well-behaved pet suddenly becomes aggressive.

One-Lucky-Golden-RetriverImage Credit | Imgur

Even holidays can be stressful to the animals. Animals under stress remarkably act like humans.

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Apart from shunning human contact, stressed pets may indulge in overeating as well.

JAcksonImage Credit | Imgur

Commonly referred to as “emotional eating,” pets may balloon suddenly.

ChexImage Credit | Imgur

Since pets cannot accurately convey their emotional state or lack of well-being, the owners have to be extra vigilant.

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Timely intervention can save the animal from a lot of emotional damage.

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These photos prove that with ample love, a broken heart even of an animal or a pet can be mended.

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