Mila Kunis On Marrying Her ‘Movie Star Crush’ And Putting Family First [Video]

Mila Kunis and soon to be husband Ashton Kutcher are one adorable couple, and after recently welcoming their first child, baby Wyatt, in September, the two have managed to be the ever-protective and tight-knit team against advances by paparazzi. They clearly are putting their family circle first, and giving off the understandable vibe that demands the necessary respect for their tiny tyke.

As KDrama Stars reports, “The engaged couple and new parents are doing their best to raise their first child away from the spotlight.”

Mila and Ashton have been making it a point to shield baby Wyatt from the media as best as they can and have only released a handful of photos of the beautiful baby girl online.

Mila with beautiful daughter, Wyatt, image via Breathecast

To ensure that their new addition to the family gets all of their attention and care, it has been reported that Mila and Ashton, who originally met during filming of That 70’s Show back in 1998, are not enlisting the help of a nanny, and are instead set to take on full responsibility for their little bundle of joy.

Recently, the trio had a relaxed family dinner instead of getting done up and dazzling for the Golden Globes. A source who was present at the restaurant where the couple were sharing a meal told Hollywood Life just how attentive and smitten Kunis and Kutcher obviously were with Wyatt.

“Their baby is the cutest little munchkin ever and Mila and Ashton were just so sweet and doting. Ashton is a really hands on dad. He was holding Wyatt close, and making cooing sounds. They just all looked so happy.”

And that happiness all began while Kunis and Kutcher were decked out in some sweet 70’s bell-bottoms and polyester button-ups. Who would have thought the outcome of such a wild yet incredible show, in which the two portrayed an onscreen couple for the first few seasons, would end up resulting in such a solid off-screen relationship 17 years later?

Mila and Ashton met on That 70's Show back in 1998, image via Grazia

Mila recently described to W Magazine in an exclusive interview, just how excited she is to be planning her wedding, which is reportedly to take place in the summer of 2015, to her true love. Grazia recounts Mila’s touching words.

‘We all get movie star crushes. I’m marrying mine.”

The 31-year-old stunner then went on in her Mila-style hilarious and witty manner to explain just how much she owes to That 70’s Show for bringing her and her soon-to-be hubby together,

“Not only did it introduce me to my fiancé, [b]ut I’m so grateful that all my mistakes are recorded for posterity. I went through puberty on television! I grew five inches while I was on that show, and I had so many different eyebrow shapes! I went through everything embarrassing that a girl can go through in front of my fiancé. There’s no question that he’s seen the worst. I find that comforting.”

In her recent candid and makeup-free mommy pic, during which the Daily Mail reports she was heading to the salon in Beverly Hills for a day of pampering, Kunis looked natural yet beautiful as always.

Mila Kunis looking fantastic as she heads out for a bit of pampering with baby Wyatt, image via Daily Mail

As the Inquisitr recently reported, based on words from a source close to the couple, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are set to wed in July. Just as the couple have been discreet and private about little Wyatt, it is likely to be a tasteful yet lavish and relatively private event.

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[Feature image via the Huffington Post]