WWE Takedowns Hilariously Attempted By Kids In Public [Video]

WWE takedowns have often been one of the signature images of the Pay-Per-View event wrestling matches that have been a part of American pop culture for decades now. Whether it’s the women or men of WWE, those famous killer moves have long persevered by devoted fans — first on VHS tapes through the ’90s, and then in YouTube clip compilations in the ’00s.

It’s clear that the group of guys who made the above video of public WWE takedowns aren’t touching each other or doing significant harm; though the same could be said for their well-paid WWE star counterparts. You can compare the teenage version of the WWE’s most iconic takedowns with some clips of the real show below.

In other WWE news, three wrestlers who were set to fight on Sunday’s Royal Rumble have been cut from the tournament at the last minute. Justin Gabriel and both members of Los Matadores are missing from the final list without explanation, previously reported Inquisitr.