WWE News: WWE Legend The Rock Potentially Set To Appear At The Royal Rumble PPV?

WWE Legend and former WWE Champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dropped a huge bomb on both Instagram and Twitter Saturday night. As we know by now, WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV will be taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show is already rumored to have big returns and major surprises. However, The Rock may be one of those surprises.

The Rock decided to surprise us all with a random tweet and instagram picture, as you can see below.

Rock tweet

Attached to the picture are the words, “In town and always gotta stop by the neighborhood…

While this normally isn’t a big deal, Rock certainly knows that WWE is in town. The last time The Rock was in the same place at the same time as WWE, he appeared on WWE Monday Night RAW. A couple months back, both he and WWE were in Brooklyn, New York. So Rock showed up to the surprise of everyone and made an appearance against Rusev. While there is no report that supports Rock coming back to be part of WrestleMania, he very well could appear at the Rumble.

Rock is known for putting out hints on social media before he appears. He did this last year before he appeared at WrestleMania 30. Usually this is done to bring in attention to the show. WWE’s social media team could have asked him to mention something about Philly in fact.

Could this be a tactic by WWE to get more subscribers to the WWE Network just so they can see The Great One? Could he even appear? Right now, it is uncertain.

What we do know is that if The Rock does appear, one would imagine it would only be an appearance and he would not have a major role in the Royal Rumble match. WWE already has a lot of stuff going on in the Rumble match this year, adding Rock to that could be overkill. Of course, it could be great to some. It all depends on who you ask at the end of the day.

Right now, the only thing we can go on is speculation. So for now, simply be knowledgeable of the fact that The Rock is in town and could very well appear on the Royal Rumble PPV tonight. WWE and the fans will certainly be happy to have him. Usually when The Rock appears, the show is pretty good. I don’t think many would be against Rock appearing on the show. So let’s hope he’s there.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]