‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules’ Constant Kissing Turns Fans Off — ‘It’s Almost Too Gross To Watch’

Chris Soules may be a farmer, but he’s quickly becoming a serial kisser on The Bachelor. Viewers are losing track of how many ladies he has already kissed this season, but suffice to say that just about everyone has swapped spit with the guy who loves to giggle and make out.

The handsome Iowa farmer has no regrets for kissing most of the ladies. Apparently kissing is like research and all part of a good day’s work on The Bachelor. Soules states in his most recent blog on People that “kissing a huge part of any romantic relationship” and it’s “helping him find a wife.” However, some fans of ABC’s popular reality show think the kissing is far from romantic.

NY Mag finds the fact that Chris Soules kisses just about all the women on the show “almost too gross” — and many fans agree, making it clear on Twitter that his mouth-hopping is getting out of control.

“His blatant disregard for hygiene is actually heroic. Either way, watch this video of Chris hard at work on the wife hunt. It’s almost too gross to watch… almost.”

Last week, Chris made out with Jade in his bed, and minutes later, he walked outside for a make out sesh with Jillian. Shortly after he was done kissing Jillian in the hot tub, he headed up to the mansion to awkwardly kiss one of this season’s virgins, Ashley I. Earlier in the day, he kissed several women on the group date and both of his one-on-one dates, Whitney and Kaitlyn.

Despite the negative feedback from fans, Chris made it clear to E! that he has no regrets about kissing just about any woman who sat or stood next to him this season. Bottom line — he didn’t have much time to find a wife, so when you’re in a hurry, it’s best to just use kissing to determine who gets a rose and who gets a one-way ticket home.

“This is such a magnified and short period of time to meet your wife… part of being in a relationship with someone is kissing… for me to truly find out if we have that chemistry or things are there, I wanted to live in every moment, and take each individual relationship really seriously. And wear my heart on my sleeve and not hold back. And part of that is kissing and being in the moment. I don’t regret that.”

If rumors are true, all that smooching paid off. Spoilers indicate that Chris Soules is no longer a single kissing bandit — he is reportedly engaged to one of the women on the show. And yes, he kissed her several times before he gave her the final rose.

[Images: ABC, Twitter]