Biologist Richard Dawkins Does Another Reading Of His Hate Mail [Video]

Atheist Richard Dawkins is not a very popular figure among members of the religious community. Known for his scathing remarks against religion and theism, Dawkins has drawn the ire of many conservatives around the world. In the process of criticizing religion, the Oxford-educated biologist has also received incredible admiration from the irreligious, making him one of the most distinct member of the secular circles. In 2013, Dawkins was named as the world’s greatest thinker by a poll conducted by Prospect, beating four Nobel prize winners and other acclaimed scholars.

Unsurprisingly, Richard Dawkins has received countless hate mails from those irked by his scientific and atheistic statements. A few years ago, he released a video of a hilarious reading of some of the most backwards hate mail he’s received over the years, which easily became viral a few days after being uploaded. Due to popular demand, Dawkins is doing it again in another segment of “Love Letters to Richard Dawkins.”

A lot of his hate mail was hilariously hypocritical, with some of them spouting hateful messages to Dawkins while praising God and Christianity on the side. Some were alarmingly homophobic, with one letter sender describing Richard Dawkins a “gay-theist.” Another wrote, “Have you ever tried to make love to a monkey? I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had since sodomites are now running all of our universities. But either way i hope you do get sodomized by satanic monkeys in hell. Sincerely, a created daughter of our Lord.”

If you missed the first one, here is Richard Dawkins reading his first batch of hate mails four years ago, complete with the comfy fire lit ambiance of a British living room.

[Image from YouTube]