'The X-Files' Will Happen, And We Have Gillian Anderson To Thank For It

Edward VKanty

It really started with a simple question posed at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, during a reunion of the cast and crew of The X-Files: Will The X-Files ever make a comeback? At the time, it probably seemed like a hypothetical, a chance to indulge in a fantasy that would never be taken seriously.

The seed was planted, however, and the idea has been blossoming since that reunion, thanks in no small part to Gillian Anderson. The actress has been outspoken, since that convention two years ago, encouraging X-Files fans to share #xfiles2015 hashtags in their social media posts and Anderson's encouragement has spurred on growing interest in an official return of The X-Files.

Recently, Ms. Anderson joined Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira on a Nerdist Podcast, where they discussed the possibility of a return of The X-Files.

"I would be f***king overjoyed," Gillian said.

It seemed Gillian Anderson was alone in her mission to bring back the beloved Chris Carter series, but, as the movement to revive The X-Files gained momentum, the Fox Network began to take notice. Rumors of meetings have since begun to flood the internet, regarding an X-Files reboot. Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden has issued a statement that the possibility of a return of The X-Files is definitely a possibility, although the network is still in the logistical phase and Fox would only move forward, when all of the key players -- Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson, and David Duchovny -- would be available. Walden told Deadline that Fox would not move forward without all of the key players.

One burning question is whether David Duchovny is willing to return to The X-Files as the iconic Fox (Spooky) Mulder. Mr. Duchovny has stated that he would return in a limited capacity.

"[I would be] more than happy and excited to bring it back and do it again with Gillian [Anderson] and Chris [Carter]. I'm assuming that it will happen sooner rather than later now. We'll see what form, how many [episodes]. Certainly I can't nor would I be interested in doing a full season. It will be in some kind of limited form. We're all old, we don't have the energy for a full season."

Early in December, Gillian Anderson won the award for best actress at the 60th London Evening Standard Awards.