Omaha Shooting: Five Injured And Three Killed During House Party

An Omaha shooting left five people injured and three dead. Authorities said the incident occurred during a house party early Saturday morning. Although they have not identified any suspects, officials believe the shooting was gang-related.

According to reports, up to 50 people were gathered in and around a vacant house. At approximately 2:00 a.m., “multiple shooters” fired into the crowd.

Neighbor Dorothy Wayne said she and her husband were awoken by the gunfire. Although a stray bullet was found lodged in their bedroom wall, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne were not injured in the shooting.

Authorities said two victims were pronounced dead at the scene and a third victim died at the hospital. Five others remain hospitalized and are listed in stable condition.

As reported by ABC News, the victims who were killed include JaKela Foster, 19, Latecia Fox, 24, and Cameron Harris, 26.

Those who remain hospitalized were identified as Adrelet Bush, 25, Treveon Lillard, 20, Trenelle Miller, 21, Johnny Tiller, 21, and Jordyn Zyla, 20.

NBC News reports that four of the victims are known gang members. However, the suspected gang members were not named.

Local authorities said the home is owned by Alonzetta Stevenson. However, it has been vacant for an extended period of time. It is unclear whether Stevenson had any knowledge of or involvement in the Omaha shooting.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said witnesses at the scene refused to identify the suspects. However, he wants the shooters brought to justice.

“Now that you are away from that scene and have opportunity to be away from any intimidation, I’m asking you for the sake of the community to contact law enforcement.”

The families of those injured and killed are also hoping for a break in the case. JaKela Foster’s mother, Kristina Young, had strong words for the person who ended her daughter’s life.

“To the person who pulled the trigger, I want to say it’s just senseless. It just needs to stop. I now have a one-year-old grandson that has no mother.”

Authorities are investigating whether the house party incident is related to another Omaha shooting, which was also gang related. Chief Schmaderer said both shootings happened within a period of four hours and occurred in the same neighborhood.

[Image via CMG Digital]