Watch: ‘Crazy’ Hockey Dad Shatters Glass Over Referee’s Call During Game [Video]

'Crazy' Hockey Dad Shatters Glass

We know about those parents that get a little worked up at kids’ games, but a “crazy” hockey dad shattered the glass at a hockey game Tuesday night. The man jumped up when he heard the referee make a call he didn’t like during his daughter’s game. He barged closer to the ice rink in protest and busted the glass that separates the rink from the stands.

YDR Sports reports that the man from Florida was undeterred by the broken plexiglass, which shattered into a million pieces. He pointed into the ice arena yelling after the glass was completely destroyed.

Someone in the crowd yells, “Way to go, Paul!”

The “crazy” hockey dad yells “bull***t” at someone in the ice arena.

The incident occurred at York Ice Arena in York, Pennsylvania. The sports venue is managed by York Revolution and is owned by the city.

York Revolution President, Eric Menzer, is appalled at the man’s behavior.

“This is another unfortunate example of the totally ridiculous obsession of some parents with youth sports,” Menzer says.

The dad who shattered the glass at York Ice Arena will have to pay for the damage. It’ll cost him $245 to replace the glass and he’s also been banned from the sports facility, Menzer says.

Police weren’t notified of the incident.

Menzer explains that it’s not normal for glass surrounding the ice rink to break because hockey players often run into it while getting in blocked positions during a game.

“It’s safety glass; it’s doesn’t crack, it crumbles,” Menzer says.

Apparently the hockey dad’s high-impact hit is what shattered the glass. Menzer adds that the man’s wedding ring was in large part the reason for it breaking.

“He broke the (wedding) ring. Apparently, his hand wasn’t in great shape either.”

Menzer confirms that the hockey dad was against a call the referee made. He goes on to say that the tournament had to be stopped temporarily until the glass was cleaned up.

Mike Cleveland is a general manager and hockey director. He’s coached three youth league teams at York Ice Arena for at least twelve years and says he hasn’t seen anything like this happen from a fan.

According to the report, the York Ice Hockey Club has a disciplinary committee; that includes monitoring social media activity. Cleveland reveals that every parent knows the rules of the facility.

“Every parent knows there’s a zero-tolerance policy in place, as far as it pertains to referees and spectators. But that doesn’t mean, from time to time, that people don’t cross (that line).”

Writes Huffington Post, this happens at a time when British Columbia’s Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association (VIAHA) is considering banning people from watching games over weekends in the stands due to referees being harrassed. VIAHA President, Jim Humphrey, wrote a letter regarding fans who act inappropriate during a tournament.

“On behalf of the game, we are asking that parents get involved and either ask those that are being inappropriate toward those on the ice to either cease and desist or leave the arena.”

The “crazy” hockey dad who shattered the glass is only identified as “Paul.” His last name isn’t mentioned in reports.

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