Dwarf Stripper And Six-Foot Army Sergeant Forget Height Differences, Find Love

Love can be found in just about any location and for almost everyone, and that’s why it isn’t a big deal that a dwarf stripper has found it with a six-foot Army sergeant. Kat Hoffman levels out at just three feet, 11 inches, and the love of her life is not only in the military, but almost doubles her height entirely.

The 26-year-old Hoffman works under the name of of “Kat the Midget Stripper,” and according to the Mirror, Eich Buscher doesn’t mind her small stature. Hoffman loves traveling the world in sexy outfits that are made by none other than her mother.

kat hoffman dwarf stripper

When she was younger, Hoffman was teased because she was a dwarf. She said that her dwarfism really worked against her as a child.

“At school I felt like an outcast, people bullied me because of my size and I was angry at the world. High school was a difficult time, other kids were rude and brutally b***hy. I dreaded school every day — no one wanted to speak with me.”

When she turned 18, Hoffman went to a local strip club to visit a friend of hers who worked there. As the night went on, she started to realize that something may have finally come about that made her short height a benefit.

“By the end of the night, I was on stage in the nude. It was such a buzz. During my first week of dancing I made $1,000 in one week, so I decided to make a living out of it.”

That was eight years ago now, and Hoffman loves her career that makes her feel like her dwarfism isn’t a problem but a good thing. While Hoffman does have the support of her mother, her sister, Renee, also a dwarf, is not fond of her sister’s career.

“I’ve been to her shows before and they don’t go there to see her. They go there to laugh at her.”

According to the Huffington Post, Kat Hoffman doesn’t care what her haters say. She believes she is a “smile producer” and not an “exotic entertainer.” She’s happy when her life makes other people happy, and her career is how she met her true love.

Eich Bushner, 34, saw Hoffman’s pictures online and immediately wanted to meet her. Since getting in touch with one another, they’ve gotten engaged, and he’s prepared to face every difficulty that comes their way because he wants to spend his life with her.

“The height difference does pose some problems, but nothing too big that we can’t handle.”

Kat Hoffman, the dwarf stripper, only has plans to keep her career going for five more years before hanging it all up. Now she has her Army sergeant who she will marry, and she’s ready to share her big heart with only him.

[Image via Barcroft]