Hugh Hefner Realizes His Age And Nostalgically Takes To Twitter, Son Doesn’t Feel The Same As Dad

As can be seen around the internet, Hugh Hefner has been the “talk of the town.” After the recent death conspiracy, Hefner seems very nostalgic. Did the hoax make him feel a certain way and realize his age?

On April 9, 2015, Hugh Hefner will turn 89 years of age. That’s, literally — as President Lincoln once put it — “four score and seven years,” add two. This may be a lot to think about, given his Playboy empire.

Since the beginning of the year — shortly after the death hoax — Hugh Hefner has taken to Twitter about his successes via Playboy and its affairs, specifically those from 1978.

As can be seen from Hugh Hefner’s Twitter page, 1978 was a good year for the then-52-year-old and the Playboy Mansion. This was the year the Hollywood sign needed to be reconstructed, and the city was having a bit of trouble coming up with the money. Successfully, Hugh Hefner’s “Save Hollywood” party-fundraiser accumulated enough money to start reconstruction earlier than expected.

With much gratitude, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce thanked Hugh Hefner and his efforts. In the scrapbook, Hefner has the “thank you” letter inside of The Hollywood Reporter, a current paper which has survived from that era.

As Hugh Hefner continues to age, it may be a wonder as to whom will take over once he passes. Would it be Cooper Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s son?

According to an exclusive interview with Business Insider, Hugh Hefner’s son states his difference of opinion regarding his father’s beliefs.

“I’m going to sound incredibly arrogant, but yes, there is a wonderful home-court advantage to having your house be ‘the mansion’. I think that that’s definitely a preconceived notion that I’m going to be the guy who walks into this room because I’m my father’s son — and have three girls on my arms. And the reality is, I think that I search for the same thing that everyone else wants, which is to find someone who they have a connection with. That makes life a little more better.”

Throughout history, there are stories of fathers who plan to leave their legacies to their sons but have to choose others after the sons decline the inheritances.

Will Cooper agree to take over Hugh Hefner’s empire after Hugh passes? Or are Cooper’s values so strong that Hugh may have to find another successor? What are your thoughts?

Hugh and Cooper

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