Halle Berry’s Violent Husband Threatens Marriage: Will Halle Finally Divorce? [Video]

Actress Halle Berry is reportedly fuming over her husband’s hot-button temper and has threatened to leave him if he does not attend anger management counseling. Berry’s ultimatum comes as a result of her husband’s loss of temper at LAX.

Halle Berry’s husband, Oliver Martinez, was caught on camera beating an attendant with their one-year old’s child seat on January 4, 2015. Apparently, this is one straw too many for the A-Lister.

According to CBS News, Police say that Oliver was carrying around a child’s car seat when he got angry with an employee.

“The male celebrity was carrying an empty baby car seat in his arms and reportedly shoved it against the contract airport employee causing him to fall backwards…”

Local law enforcement at the scene added that “The employee received treatment on scene and was transported to a local hospital for further medical care. Airport Police took a report for battery and the family continued with their travel plans.”

According to Radar Online, Berry’s friend revealed that Halle is worried her husband’s aggressive behavior will put her children at risk. Her fears are well founded, as this is not the first time Oliver’s violence has gotten in the way of their relationship.

In 2012, Martinez beat up Halle Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, on Thanksgiving day. Aubry suffered a broken rib and his face was “busted up” pretty badly. The incident was allegedly over the couple’s decision to move to France with Berry and Aubry’s nine-year old daughter, Nahla.

The source close to the family told reporters that Halle was understanding of the Thanksgiving brawl and wrote it off as men fighting over the same woman.

“Halle sort of understood two men getting riled up over a woman, but the situation at the airport frightened her… Gabriel fought Olivier’s plan to return to his native France because he didn’t want Nahla moving to another country.”

According to Music Radar, the plans Halle had to move to Oliver’s native country were ended by a judge in court. Now it seems as if Berry may be in divorce court yet again as concerns for her children have come to the surface.

It seems that Berry has had quite the roller coaster of a marriage as just last year, it was reported by the Inquisitr that Halle and Oliver were headed for a separation. The two had not been seen together in public since the birth of their son in 2012. Halle Berry was living in the couple’s California home while Martinez was living in Malibu.

If all reports are true, it’s likely that the couple will be dissolving their marriage over Oliver’s anger issues and public outbursts, which have become a point of embarrassment for Berry.

Do you think it is time that Halle Berry moved on with the divorce or should she give Martinez a chance to seek help for his outbursts?