Real Life ‘Home Alone’ Story: 9-Year-Old Twins Left Alone For Four Months With Only Ramen Noodles To Eat

A New Hampshire man has been arrested for leaving his nine-year-old twin nephews home alone for four months, leaving them with only noodles to eat and without a working telephone, NBC news reports.

The twins’ uncle, Giobari Atura of New Hampshire, told police officials that his brother and sister-in-law asked him to watch his nephews for a month while they took a trip to Nigeria. Atura also stated that in lieu of moving in with the children, he came to their apartment three days out of the week to check on them.

Atura also mentioned to New Hampshire police officials that he told the twins to call him if they needed any food or help with their homework. Since their phone wasn’t working, he told them to use a neighbor’s phone to get in contact with him.

However, the home alone twins had a different story. They informed police officials that they would wake themselves up for school, get on the bus, and had to eat breakfast and lunch at school. While at home, all they had to eat was ramen noodles. Atura hadn’t been to the apartment in four months.

The parents of the home alone twins were supposed to have been out of the country for a month, but there was a delay due to an abrupt illness in the family and passport issues. The parents spoke with the New Hampshire police and stated that they often called Atura about their twin boys, and each time Atura would tell them “everything was okay,” according to CNN.


A neighbor spoke with reporters about seeing nine-year-old twin boys playing outside after school, but she had no knowledge of them being home alone without any real food to eat. She also stated that they were very self-reliant as she witnessed the twins catch the school bus every day. She never mentioned if the boys asked her or any other neighbor to use their telephone.

Atura will be facing misdemeanor charges for endangering a child, according to assistant Michael Valentine.

Once the parents uncovered their twin boys had been home alone for four months, they rushed to New Hampshire to be with their children. The twin boys are no longer home alone, and are now in the custody of their parents. Charges will not be filed against the parents as they left the twins in custody of a family member, Giobari Atura.

[Image via StarTribune]