New York Jets Rumor: C.J. Spiller Could Be Team’s First Big Free Agent Target Under Todd Bowles

The New York Jets may be looking to make a splash in free agency under new head coach Todd Bowles, and stealing one of the most explosive players from a divisional rival would certainly do it.

Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller is set to become a free agent this year, and with his former head coach Chan Gailey taking a job as the Jets’ offensive coordinator, many see New York as a perfect fit.

Spiller himself fueled some of those rumors, saying he was intrigued by the idea of re-joining Gailey, who helped give Spiller the best years of his career.

The rumors suggesting C.J. Spiller could go to the New York Jets are also pushed by reports from within the Bills organization that they may not prioritize keeping Spiller this year. The Bills have a still-productive Fred Jackson, and this year added Anthony “Boobie” Dixon and Bryce Brown, who were both productive at times.

But the Buffalo Bills may not let C.J. Spiller go without a fight. Though he missed most of 2014 after breaking his collarbone, and had some disappointing stretches before that, the team lacked firepower on offense and could use Spiller under new head coach Rex Ryan.

Bills general manager Doug Whaley said the team intends to keep Spiller.

“We’re going to try to do our darndest to get this guy in the fold and get him back,” said Whaley. “I’m sure he’s disappointed with how last year went with the injuries, but we want him to come back with us and get back to the form we know he can play at.”

Spiller was also diplomatic about his responses, saying he would like to stay with the team if he could.

“Different things happen each year. You want to have the year I had in 2012 consistently, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that these last two years.”

Spiller added that he’s “not sitting here retiring from football. I feel good. I’ve got a lot of years left to play. “

But if the price tag for C.J. Spiller gets too high, the Bills may need to move on and focus on some of their defensive free agents, including Jerry Hughes. That could leave the New York Jets as a frontrunner for Spiller.