Heard Of #OpDeathEaters? Anonymous Movement Seeks End To Child Sex Trafficking, Justice For Victims

You’ve probably heard of Anonymous — the hacker collective that has been involved in activities ranging from declaring vengeance on North Korea for the Sony hack, to leaking information in the Michael Brown case, to threatening an attack on Sallie Mae — but you may not be familiar with #OpDeathEaters, Anonymous’ long-running anti-pedophilia movement.

#OpDeathEaters is, according to the Anons, perhaps their most important operation. Their agenda is to identify pedophile activity (it should be noted that #OpDeathEaters uses the term “pedosadism,” instead, decrying the use of ‘philia,’ a suffix interpreted to mean love or liking, which they say is a completely inaccurate term for child rape), expose child sex trafficking and child rape, and seek “victim-led inquiry” and tribunal, or judgment, of the guilty parties.

What Anonymous is calling for in #OpDeathEaters is somewhat open to question. The objectives could easily be read as a call to vigilantism, but Anonymous maintains that it doesn’t tell anyone what to do. However, they do advise that those who would join the movement should investigate pedosadist activity in their own areas, and spread the information publicly.

Why do they use the term “Death Eaters,” which Harry Potter fans will recognize from J.K. Rowlings’ iconic series? #OpDeathEaters defines the term a little differently. Rather than a group of dark wizards, Death Eaters, as Anonymous defines them, are people who either carry out child sex trafficking activities themselves or make things easier for those who do. This includes people who are intentionally complicit, those who simply look the other way, or those who have the power to fight pedosadism and don’t.

On a variety of platforms, such as this page on Titan Pad, #OpDeathEaters collects information about actual or alleged cases of child rape, cover-ups, and corruption. On social media accounts, #OpDeathEaters shares cases of pedophilia, especially by high-profile or high-ranking personalities, in an attempt to spread awareness of the degree of the problem.

Anonymous believes there’s a great deal of cover-ups still going on by government groups, religious organizations, sports institutions, and virtually any group that has the means to sweep cases under the proverbial rug.


While #OpDeathEaters is a project promoted and led by Anonymous, the collective reminds that it isn’t just their movement.

“#OpDeathEaters is not just for anons. If you are an adult, it is your responsibility to help achieve the goals. We need everyone here.”

If you want to know more about #OpDeathEaters, Anonymous has set up a Facebook page with more information.

[Photo Credit: Vincent Diamante]