‘Sex Box’ WE TV Show Features Couples Having Sex On TV [Video]

When you hear about the new show named Sex Box by WE tv, which MTV News says will feature couples having sex in a box and then immediately exiting the “sex box” to report their findings, it kind of makes you do a double take.

The intriguingly named Sex Box show on WE tv premieres on February 27. If it’s anything like the British overseas version of the show, such as this Sex Box Episode 1 YouTube video that was uploaded one year ago and has received 676,942 views since that time, the American WE tv version of Sex Box might be a smash hit with viewers in the United States and beyond, thanks to YouTube.

The Sex Box sex takes place in a box that’s soundproof and without cameras. The hanging glass contraption isn’t see-through, so that makes it not a porn show. Couples who are facing some kind of trouble or crisis in their relationships are the ones featured on the show, like when a disabled couple appeared on the Sex Box show. Not only do the couples agree to have sex and come out and talk about their experiences, the Sex Box therapists also help. They feature one woman who calls herself a pastor who acts like a mother to the couples, while other sex-perts besides the pastor/couples counselor include a psychotherapist and a sex therapist, who all listen to the couples’ history and speak about infidelity and other issues of trust, lending their viewpoints on whether certain duos should marry or not.

Sex Box first appeared on British TV on Channel 4 in England, and apparently has brought in enough viewership for producers to give American audiences a go at the unique premise. When you hear the title Sex Box, don’t get it confused with the “sex boxes” that are popping up as a means to make prostitution activities safer, as reported by the Inquisitr. Instead, the New York Post calls the Sex Box show a steamy concoction that gives viewers a peek into the intimate lives of couples in their post-coital bliss — or disappointment, as it were.

When the Sex Box show premieres on February 27 at 10 p.m. on WE tv, viewers will begin to see a season that is replete with couples who run the gamut in their sex lives, be they a couple whose passion has waned to another couple of high school sweethearts who have sex too often.

[Image via WE tv]