Fat Bottom, Bulging Belly Duchess Kate Pics Better Message To Pregnant Commoners?

In wake of a study that suggests women with fat bottoms and thick thighs produce intelligent babies, another story surfaced that claims thin celebrities promoting barely-there baby bumps, while looking glamorous, are sending the wrong messages to pregnant commoners. As a result, the advice is that expectant moms ignore pics like those shown of Duchess Kate and other famous mommies-to-be, as they don’t represent reality, according to Western Daily Press.

Actress Demi Moore is largely credited with shaking up the fashion and beauty tarmacs over two decades ago when she posed nude on the cover of Vanity Fair for the August 1991 issue (pictured here). At the time, the 28-year-old was seven months pregnant with her daughter, Scout.

Since then, many parodies emerged, but the pics of Moore also set off a controversy over sexual objectification. However, perhaps the largest tizzy created in its wake was over what constituted beauty in a pregnant woman. Today, Duchess Kate pics are creating a similar controversy, but in a slightly different fashion.

Some applauded Demi for celebrating a woman’s body while being with child by showing the true meaning of a baby bump. However, she received only half the credit because her body lost focus and was upstaged by her glam look — by way of airbrushing (today, Photoshopping), thanks to the brilliant minds of makeup artists.

Pics of Duchess Kate Middleton have sparked a new consciousness in today’s pregnant women, and the challenge is how to strike a balance between being with child and remaining beautiful with a changing body. The duchess, known as a fashion barometer, is not expected to follow in the footsteps of Moore by posing nude for a fashion magazine. That bold move would likely cause a set of unintended circumstances. Besides, Her Majesty The Queen would likely have a coronary over Kate’s break in protocol by baring her royal assets. And what about full-frontal, Kardashian-style? Forget about it.

An expert in creative photography says he has seen a surge in the number of women who want to model Duchess Kate’s style, not only in fashion, but in body shape. Instead of the practice made popular by Moore 24 years ago, which still exists in part today, more women are adopting the demure and barely-there baby bump like the duchess when posing for a photographer’s lens. WDP says a 43 percent increase has been seen as of late in women wanting to show off a pooch, but fashionably and baby fat-less.

“Like many pregnant celebrities these days, Kate looks like a somebody with baked bean bloat rather than a woman about to have a second baby in April.

“She looks so slim that when she recently appeared in a blue ‘Natasha’ coat by Séraphine, the £195 non maternity style sold out within hours. A few extra inches around the middle might be natural for a Middleton, or the likes of Strictly winner Abby Clancy who has taken to posting black and white selfies of her slightly inflated bare belly on the internet.”

Critics of this paradigm shift of masking their growing bodies — as seen in many of Duchess Kate’s pics — in favor of a glamorous look overshadows the main part about motherhood: embracing the baby bump and bloated body while preparing for a life of motherhood.

Apparently, Kim Kardashian, known for her svelte figure, caused a backlash after her recent comments on beauty and baby fat. The reality TV star placed blame squarely on a higher power for her added pounds and inches during her pregnancy with North West. Imagine that?

PICS: @KimKardashian blames her weight gain and misshapen figure on God http://t.co/eQbfM84ulr pic.twitter.com/d6QMVoCKiy

— Sandra Rose (@SandraRose) December 11, 2014

Duchess Kate Middleton’s pictures seen on popular websites and in beauty magazines create pressure for women to buy into the image of a teeny, tiny belly, while fixating on avoiding stretch marks and added fat by any means necessary. Moreover, when celebrities begin talking more about post-baby weight diets and fitting into size two jeans again, pregnant moms begin to think a wobbly-walk is the antithesis of looking good and feeling great.

Duchess Kate baby bump pics are not likely an attempt by Wills’ wife to convey the standard of beauty in a mommy-to-be. Nonetheless, with growing pressure from the industry to conform to thin-is-in principles, she and others with famous handles are compelled to follow along with pop culture. At times, even Kate appears to go out of her way to cover her growing tummy, as seen in the pic below.

Should “everyday” women ignore all pregnant Duchess Kate pics and those of other celebrities when defining the intricacies of beauty? Do celebs like Kate have duties to send the right messages, or does Hollywood and Buckingham Palace offer good excuses to bend the rules? And finally, here’s a burning question: Assuming the study is correct that thick bottom and thigh women produce “smarter” babies, should the duchess empower women with plump rumps during their pregnancies through her fashion choices?

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