Andi Dorfman Embraces Girl Time In Wake Of Josh Murray ‘Bachelorette’ Split

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray split just a few weeks ago, but this Bachelorette star seems determined to put on a brave face. Andi and several of her besties from the Bachelor season with Juan Pablo Galavis are getting in some serious bonding time as they celebrate one gal’s engagement. What’s the scoop?

Dorfman has stayed close with several of the gals from her season of the Bachelor with Galavis, and she recently shared that she was doing some wine drinking and countertop dancing with Nikki Ferrell and Kelly Travis. Now the ladies are taking things a step further and adding a couple of other familiar faces to the mix.

Kelly Travis, the bachelorette with a great sense of humor who brought her dog to the Bachelor, recently got engaged. Now Andi, Nikki, and Kelly, along with fellow Bachelor ladies Christy Hansen and Sharleen Joynt, are whooping it up to celebrate Kelly’s big news. Dorfman shared a photo via Instagram showing the five ladies together and having a good laugh, tagging it with a hashtag related to Kelly’s engagement.

Several other photos were shared by the ladies on Instagram throughout the night. Nikki, Galavis’ pick and now ex-girlfriend from the show, shared a great shot and noted that maybe she was there to make friends after all. She even added that maybe they were the absolute best of friends.

For the first couple of weeks after Andi and Josh’s Bachelorette split, Dorfman laid low and seemingly took a break from social media. Murray hasn’t posted much, though most of what he has posted has been about faith, family, or business. There have been plenty of rumors swirling about Andi and Josh’s break-up, but so far, neither of them has shared any details beyond the initial release from their rep.

Will any of these reality TV stars pop up on another season of the franchise? Some wonder if Andi, Nikki, or Josh might take a spin at Bachelor in Paradise this summer. However, casting won’t be set for a bit yet, and there is nothing solid on the Season 2 front yet. There had been some buzz that Josh may have set his sights on becoming The Bachelor 2016 lead, but his rep said the talk was nonsense.

Bachelorette fans may be bummed to have learned of Andi and Josh’s split, but they are hopeful each of the reality TV stars is doing well now in the wake of the break-up. By the looks of Andi Dorfman’s latest posts, she’s throwing herself into girl time with her Bachelor besties to move on after calling off her engagement to Josh Murray, and it seems she’s definitely got a lot of support.

[Image via Andi Dorfman’s Instagram]