WWE News: Roman Reigns Discusses A Potential Match With Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns, the favorite to win WWE’s Royal Rumble match tomorrow night, appeared on Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll to talk about a potential dream bout with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31.

“I think it would be one of the hardest hitting matches of all-time. It’d be extremely aggressive. I think you’d see a level of intensity you’ve never seen before.”

Reigns, who will undoubtedly lead WWE into the new era, isn’t loved by all of the WWE Universe. In fact, he might take John Cena’s place as the new WWE superstar everybody loves to hate. It’s gone so far that a new Twitter account was created to help spread the dislike for Reigns winning the Royal Rumble.

It’s called Reject Roman Reigns, and it’s reminiscent of the “#hijackRaw” hashtag that went viral when Raw went to Chicago last March. Everyone at that show in Chicago wanted CM Punk to return following his abrupt departure.

Instead of trying to bring someone back, the WWE Universe is attempting to make someone go away, at least out of the WrestleMania 31 main event.

Listen up #RomanReigns fangirls. We don’t want him to lose his job. We just don’t want him in the #Wrestlemania main event, that’s all.

— Reject Roman Reigns (@RejectReigns) January 24, 2015

It’s not Reigns’ fault that he has the look, build, and charisma to become a major figure in the WWE. He’s a very lucky man who is athletic enough in the ring to get by. Reigns is by no means Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose in the squared circle, but he isn’t lackluster when it comes to wrestling skills.

For the past several months, WWE’s Roman Reigns has been under the microscope after his return from injury didn’t exceed expectations. Since that point, WWE’s next big mega-star isn’t expected win the Royal Rumble main event anymore. Names like Ambrose, Ziggler, and even Daniel Bryan are now rumored to win the match.

Perhaps if Bryan didn’t return at the time he did, Reigns might still be the clear-cut choice to main event WrestleMania 31. However, WWE could pull out all of the stops and have somebody win that nobody expected. Ziggler is the perfect example of surprise. He hasn’t made an appearance on Monday Night Raw since he and two others were fired by the Authority.

Thanks to Sting and John Cena, Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan have their jobs back and will all be in the Royal Rumble match. Roman Reigns might have lost his chance to headline the biggest wrestling event of the year. Then again, the WWE Universe is well-aware who calls the shots.

[Image via bleacherreport.com]