Watch 2015 Doritos Super Bowl Ads: ‘Crash The Super Bowl’ Winner Takes Home $1 Million And More

The 2015 Super Bowl Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” ad finalists are just days away from finding out if their commercial is the $1 million winner. Which ad will get the most votes out of the 10 finalists?

If the number of views on YouTube are any indication, “Lemonade Stand” or “Baby’s First Word” are top contenders. However, the grand prize winner will not be picked based on YouTube views. The highest number of votes received on the “Crash the Super Bowl” site will determine the grand prize winner. According to Frito-Lay, the sponsor for the contest, the company will choose the first prize winner out of the remaining nine finalists. (See a list of finalists below)

IndyStar reports that Travis Braun filmed the funny “Baby’s First Word” ad in a friend’s backyard in Los Angeles. His budget of just $350 could have a $1 million return if he is named the winner.

The “Lemonade Stand” video was created by David Horowitz, a native of El Paso, Texas. Horowitz feels that his ad is a winner because having a lemonade stand “embodies the American dream of entrepreneurship.”

Finalists “Trouble in the Back Seat” and “Middle Seat” are also getting plenty of attention on YouTube, and could be contenders if they get enough votes on the Doritos website.

Here are the “Crash the Super Bowl” finalists, in order of today’s YouTube views. Keep in mind, votes on the Doritos site will ultimately determine the winner, but it will be interesting to see if the $1 million winner also ends up with the highest number of views on YouTube.

Lemonade Stand — 277K views
Baby’s First Word – 249K views
Trouble in the Back Seat 237K views
Middle Seat — 237K views
When Pigs Fly — 215K views
Doritos Angler — 214K views
Selfish Sneezers — 212K views
Doritos Manchild — 203K views
Mis-Spelling Bee — 200K views

In addition to the $1 million prize and a dream job at Universal Studios, the grand prize winner, along with the first prize winner and eight remaining finalists, will win a trip to Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona. The winning ads for both the grand prize and first prize winners will be shown during the game between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks on February 1.

[Image: YouTube]