’30 Ways To Tie A Tie’ Leaves Men No Excuse To Blend In Like Sheep

It can be easy to grab a clip-on tie and a dress shirt for that next interview you have coming up, but what if you really need to make a statement? Appearance can say a lot about a person, and you want to make the right impression at first sight.

ShirtsMyWay has a solution for men who want to make an impression simply by using different ways of tying a tie. You can pick among 30 different tie styles which could make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Hard to believe there are that many different ways to tie a tie, but it’s amazing how elegant and unique a tie knot can look.

Sound too hard or time-consuming? It really isn’t. ShirtsMyWay has added a how-to video with each type of tie featured. There is also a percentage grid which ascertains how aesthetic, symmetrical, difficult, and big the knot size is in a specific tie.

The tie list also explains which type of material will be best for certain types of tie knots, along with collar size and social functions.

If you aren’t sure where to start, consider looking at the fabric of your tie and the pictures of the fabric on the videos. Try to match them up as closely as possible for a better outcome.

According to Lifehacker, there are generally four popular styles to tie a tie. Imagine if every well-dressed man you ever met wore only one of those four tie styles. Most of them probably already do. Why not stand out and take the time to learn at least one of these tie styles? You’ll probably be happy that you did know more than a few ways to tie a tie.

Any man looking to tie the knot with his significant other will be happy to see that he can add his own personal touch by choosing something to add to his and his groomsman’s outfits that won’t cost a thing more. Who knew an outfit could look entirely different with the addition of a simple difference in the way a tie is tied?