30-Story Building Built in 360 Hours [Timelapse Video]

A new building, which sits on the Dongting lake in the Hunan Province of China, has plenty to boast about. It’s 30-stories tall, contains 183,000 square feet, and can withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake. But it’s most impressive statistic is undoubtedly the fact that this Broad Sustainable Building was built in just 15-days, or 360 hours.

The building was built by the Broad Group, a Chinese construction company which specializes in sustainable architecture, with prefabricated materials.

No word on how long it took to make each individual piece, but the speedy construction is still incredibly impressive.

According to the Daily Mail, Chinese builders worked around the clock to complete the 30-story building in 360 hours. It took 46 hours to finish the main structural components of the Ark Hotel and another 90 hours to finish the building enclosure.

Here’a a timelapse video of the Broad Group’s new building.

Gizmodo reports that the Broad Sustainable Building is five times more earthquake-resistant than conventional buildings. The building also has air quality monitoring in every room and a 3-stage filtration air conditioning process that creates air more than 20 times as pure as the outside air in China.

The building was built over Christmas and was finished just before New Years Eve.

And this isn’t the Broad Group’s first attempt at quick building. The Broad Group created the Ark Hotel, a 15-story building, in just 6-days last year.

Here’s the video of the Ark Hotel’s construction.

Are you impressed by the Broad Groups efficient construction style?