‘Parenthood’ Finale Spoilers: A Big Flash-Forward Ahead As The Bravermans Say Goodbye

Next Thursday night, fans will bid farewell to the Braverman family on the series finale of Parenthood. Spoilers available so far indicate that this will likely be exactly what fans expect: a tear-jerker. Does it all wrap up with a happy ending? Fans don’t know that for sure yet, but they are anxious for scoop on what they can expect.

A Parenthood spoiler preview from E! Online shows Hank asking Zeek for his blessing on his marriage to Sarah. While Zeek already knows that Sarah and Hank are getting married, Hank wants to talk with Zeek himself.

Hank even tells Zeek about his Asperger’s and Zeek tells Hank a bit about how Sarah has taught him about unconditional love. Zeek asks Hank to take care of his daughter, as tears well up in his eyes and Hank says it will be his honor. As if fans didn’t already know, this Parenthood spoiler clip reminds viewers that they will need to have plenty of tissues handy for Thursday’s series finale.

The series finale is titled “May God Bless and Keep You Always.” NBC teases Parenthood spoilers that for her wedding day, Sarah will surround herself with the original Braverman clan. Haddie returns for the finale, and it seems that even Ryan returns as well, surely to meet baby Zeek. Could things ultimately end with Amber and Ryan together raising Zeek?

John Corbett was said to be back, in the role of Seth, in a scene where he met baby Zeek and interacted with Sarah and his daughter, Amber. According to TVLine, however, the scene was cut from the finale.

During the finale, Hank will ask a special favor of Drew while Amber adjusts to being a new mother. Julia and Joel get a phone call that will prompt the possibility of a life-changing decision. Adam and Crosby will come to some kind of understanding regarding the Luncheonette while Max tackles his first job.

Kristina has a proposition for Adam regarding the future of Chambers Academy and their family. Will Adam and Crosby find a way to keep the Luncheonette, with Crosby in charge while Adam focuses on the school and family?

According to Parenthood spoilers from TV Guide, the January 29 series finale incorporates a flash-forward. Erika Christensen, who plays Julia, says that the final episode will ultimately cover about three years’ worth of Braverman activity. She teases that a lot can happen, and that doesn’t necessarily dim the worries that Zeek is going to die before all is said and done.

It’s been clear that Zeek’s health is a big concern, and the most recent episode certainly hammered that home. Zeek and Sarah had some emotional moments as she worries he won’t be around to see her marry Hank if she waits for long. Then, of course, Amber named her baby boy after her grandfather, giving the Braverman family and the viewers another emotional moment.

While viewers will have to wait until January 29 to see if Zeek is still standing in the end, Christensen says that the last scene they all shot together was brutal. She says there wasn’t a lot of talking, but there was a lot of crying and everybody was a mess.

Fans would really love a happy ending to this show, a final scene showing the Bravermans all together, healthy, happy, and perhaps having one last dance party. Will viewers get their wish? One way or another it all plays out in the Parenthood series finale airing on Thursday, January 29.

[Image via Gossip and Gab]