‘This Isn’t ISIS’ Says Tom Brady: Patriots QB’s Terrorism Quip Doesn’t Go Over Well

New England quarterback Tom Brady wants everyone to appreciate that some people have war in their countries.

Brady doesn’t think too much of Deflate-Gate, the ongoing cheating scandal that has engulfed his team since they ably beat the Indianapolis Colts to secure their spot in the Super Bowl. According to Tom, there is a much more serious problems in the world that everyone should be focused on.

“Things are fine. This isn’t ISIS. No one’s dying. But [my team and I will] get through this and hopefully we can start preparing for Seattle and get our mind focused because they’re going to take all our mental energy the next 10 days.”

Bringing up the ongoing terrorist threat ISIS may have felt like a great way to bring enraged football fans back to reality and lighten up over Deflate-Gate. But it backfired in a big way; indignant football fans did not like the idea that sportsmanship being stomped on through a potential lack of ethics was being treated as an overblown concern.

Persons who saw the press conference immediately took to Twitter to respond to Tom Brady and his ISIS quip.

As for Brady, he and the rest of the New England Patriots will somehow have to psychologically put aside the fact that most of the football world utterly despises them, and that apparently nobody outside of the states in New England wants them to win. It’s one thing to go to the Super Bowl as the underdog; it’s quite another for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to go into the big event as “Public Enemy Number 1”.

Tom Brady was not helped by the fact that his coach, Bill Belicheck, denied all knowledge of Deflate-Gate while appearing to throw his star player under the bus. Brady also didn’t help himself by stating that as far as he knew, the game balls were just fine.

The NFL investigation determined that 11 out of 12 of the balls used in the New England vs. Indianapolis AFC Championship game were under-inflated. As such, it’s a bit hard to believe that Brady, who has been a quarterback for decades now, wouldn’t be able to tell distinguish an under-inflated match ball from one that was inflated to regulation levels.

Colts safety Mike Adams certainly knew the difference, handing over two balls that he intercepted to Colts equipment managers to save. Adams felt that there was something off about the New England balls in November, months before the Patriots would be called out for cheating.

Tom Brady may feel that accusations of unethical football practices are something to joke about, but the people who love football as a sport clearly don’t feel the same way.

We live in a world where terrorism is a sad and scary reality. However, that doesn’t mean we are obligated to ignore it when a franchise acts in a way that disgraces the very name attached to the team.

But what say you, readers: Do you think Tom Brady has a point about “ISIS” levels of concern over Deflate-Gate?

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