TNA News: TNA Knockout Velvet Sky Leaving TNA Wrestling For Good?

TNA Knockout Velvet Sky was recently “fired” by TNA Wrestling. The former TNA Knockouts Champion wasn’t technically part of TNA’s “Feast or Fired” match recently. However, according to the rules, when a person pulls down the case, they get whatever is in it. Whether they are in the match or not, the person who pulls it down is the holder of the case. So when Robbie E. used her to get a case down for him in the match, she got the pink slip instead of him. Whether it be a X-Division, Tag-Team, or World Championship shot, you also take the chance of getting the “fired” case in this match. It is very much a risk or reward scenario.

Sky will now leave TNA, which is a big bummer to a lot of fans. The Beautiful People member has been quite popular in her time with TNA. It comes as a big shock, but according to Cageside Seats, this was planned, and Sky could be leaving for good. Velvet’s contract was coming up, and she didn’t sign a new deal.

That meant TNA needed to find a way for her to be written off of TV. The Feast or Fired match was a perfect way to do that. Unlike how it is with many others who get the case, it seems that Velvet might be done with TNA. A lot of rumors have gone out regarding her potentially retiring or going to the Indy scene to make more money on a less strenuous schedule.

Velvet Sky is quite popular. So it makes a lot of sense to see her make a decent living away from TNA. WWE once had an interest in bringing her and Angelina Love in, but without Love, it may not work out. While she is still in great shape, she is 33-years-old. WWE have only hired a woman over 30 a few times. People, like Kharma, were unique, and Gail Kim was a former WWE Women’s Champion who WWE didn’t want to lose. So the few times WWE did hire a woman over 30 in the last number of years, something pushed them to do it.

So Sky has a small chance to jump to WWE, but most would expect her to return to TNA before she would get an opportunity with WWE. Plus, if she is leaving TNA due to the schedule, WWE would not be any better for her. In fact, it would be far worse. While the rumor of her departure from TNA may very well be true, TNA will most likely attempt to get her back, even on a part-time basis. That said, don’t expect to see the last of her anytime soon.

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