LG Announces Incredibly Thin And Light 55 Inch 3D OLED TV

With CES 2012 heating up, electronics manufacturers are letting the press and public know about new devices coming out. LG, maker of anywhere from cell phones to kitchen appliances, announced a 55 inch OLED TV that truly ushers in a new era of thin and light televisions.

Remember the days of big, bulky, and incredibly heavy televisions? With OLED, a technology that’s been out for many years now, thin and light is the name of the game, while not sacrificing image quality.

The LG 55 Inch OLED TV will clock in at an insanely thin 4mm (0.16 inches) and weigh just 16 and a half pounds which makes it easily capable of being carried by one person.

It will also come 3D capable. OLED stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diode” and is designed to deliver better, more natural colors. Not only that, but it’s very energy efficient at the same time.

While OLED isn’t at all a new technology, we’ll see a lot more televisions made with this kind of display this year. Consumers can expect this new television in the third quarter of this year. Price to come.

Other news from LG’s press conference:

“LG will add gesture and voice controls to its line of Smart TVs. Through the use of a Magic Remote, users can enter text such as searches using their voices as well as well as physical movements to control the interface. They will also incorporate a 3D Gesture interface to track body movements, allowing them to host games such as the portable hit Fruit Ninja.”