2015 ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Ashley Salter Gets Freaky With Chris, Goes Postal On Production Crew [Video]

Bachelor Chris Soules hears his first “I love you” on Episode 4, but he definitely doesn’t hear it from the girl of his dreams. Ashley Salter, known this season for babbling about onions and the Mesa Verde, not only says the “L” word to Chris, she reportedly has a meltdown around the production crew that doesn’t end well.

Earlier in the season, Chris appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said that he thought Ashley was “crazy” — something that has became more and more evident to fans as the season progresses.

ABC recently released a sneak peek video of the episode that airs on January 26 — it’s entertaining, to say the least. If fans thought Ashley S. was just a wee bit freaky on the zombie group date, wait until they see her on the overnight camping trip date with Chris.

During the camping trip, Ashley gets some one-on-one time with Chris, and his reaction to what she says to him is priceless. Salter not only rambles on about Soules’ zodiac sign, she awkwardly kisses him mid-conversation and then whispers that she loves him.

“Look at the moon. It’s so weird to me. And we’re sitting here, like that’s weird to me. I just love you. I love everything about you. It sounds crazy… I actually do feel that way, so I hope that resonates within your mind tonight.”

Chris nods his head and looks a bit bewildered during Ashley’s bizarre love confession, but it’s rumored that she won’t be making the Bachelor feel uncomfortable for long. Reality Steve states that Ashley Salter will leave before the rose ceremony, but she won’t exit without causing some drama.

Apparently the 24-year-old from Brooklyn has a few things to say to Chris and the production crew before the rose ceremony. Reality Steve is not certain whether the footage will be shown or cut from the episode, but he confirms that she “leaves before the rose ceremony by going off on Chris and production.”

It is not clear if Soules asks her to leave or leaves on her own after her little meltdown. Fans who have witnessed Ashley Salter’s bizarre antics on the Bachelor will likely agree that either the producers or Chris asks her to leave before roses are handed out.

Watch Ashley Salter profess her love to Bachelor Chris Soules in the video at the top of the page. Tune in Monday night at 8 p.m. ET to see Ashley leave the show in what may end up being one of the most bizarre exits in the show’s history.

[Image: @BachelorABC Twitter]