Facebook Stalking Your More Successful Friends? You’re Not Alone [Video]

It’s the exchange we make for the availability of information in the internet age; you can find anything you want online, but people can also find out just about anything they want to about you as well — especially if they’re Facebook stalking you.

Facebook, which celebrated its 10th birthday last year, has now been around long enough that users early to the game have a pretty extensive database of what they’ve been up to during the last decade of their life. Most of us who use the site have caught ourselves in that awful moment of realization: We’ve been Facebook stalking someone by looking through every photo album and status update dating back to their high school graduation. Sometimes the victims of our uncontrollable urges, however, are people who were there at our own high school graduation.

While Facebook stalking seems to carry a connotation of a stranger when employed seriously, it’s becoming a joking way to refer to spending a little too much time digging into someone’s online presence. Sometimes that person can be a friend we just haven’t seen for awhile who we want to make sure is doing okay, or in some cases, that their life is in total and complete shambles.

If you need to feel better about the latter, your Facebook stalking redemption video is above.