‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers About Captain Swan’s Next Relationship Hurdle: Will Hook Lose Emma’s Heart?

Once Upon a Time fans saw Emma Swan shove Captain Hook’s heart back into his chest during the series’ midseason finale, and now the tides are about to turn. Emma’s heart will be in Hook’s hands during the second half of Season 4, and she can only hope that the pirate handles it a little more gently than she treated his.

During a recent interview with TV Line, Once Upon a Time producer Adam Horowitz talked about what’s in store for Captain Swan. He didn’t say much, but his words will likely make some fans of the show swoon.

“Hook, after having Emma return his heart, will now have to fight to protect Emma’s heart.”

So does this mean that Emma’s heart is at risk of literally being torn out of her chest? Is Hook going to have a little romantic competition during the second half of the season?

There are plenty of baddies who might find a good use for Emma’s heart. The Queens of Darkness are coming to Storybrooke, and surely one of the three dangerous ladies will know a dark spell that requires the heart of the Savior. Maleficent seems like a sorceress who would really want to get her hands on Emma Swan’s glowing ticker. She was once BFFs with the Evil Queen, so perhaps she knows just as much about heart-related magic as Regina does. Ursula’s history of borrowing body parts also makes her a likely culprit — the Disney version of the sea witch stole Ariel’s voice box.

Cruella de Vil might not seem to be as big of a threat as the other Queens of Darkness, but Hook also needs to watch out for the fur fiend. According to showrunner Edward Kitsis, the Once Upon a Time version of the character will be far more dangerous than her Disney counterpart.

“Cruella will be really nothing like the movie,” Kitsis told ET Online. “There will be some touchstones in the spirit of her character, but in our world she has powers and she’ll be much more than the ’50s Cruella in the move.”

It’s also possible that Hook will be protecting Emma’s heart from being stolen by another man. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Eion Bailey is returning to the show to reprise his role as August Booth/Pinocchio. Once upon a time, there were hints of a possible romance between Emma and August. However, the OUAT writers burned Wooden Swan down by transforming August back to his little boy form. Somehow August is going to return to the series as an adult, so maybe he’ll be back to mess with Emma’s heart. However, there’s also a possibility that adult August will just appear in flashbacks and that he’ll have no interaction with Emma.

Who do you think Hook will be protecting Emma Swan’s heart from when Once Upon a Time returns on March 1?

[Image credit: ABC]