ATM Robbery Thug Forces Woman Into Trunk Of Car During Arlington, Texas, Wells Fargo Robbery [Video]

Security cameras are providing some helpful footage for law enforcement after a woman who stopped to do some personal banking at a drive-up Wells Fargo ATM in Arlington, Texas, suffered being robbed at the ATM and kidnapped, reports WFAA 8.

Arlington Police released surveillance footage of the disturbing incident in hopes that it will provide some leads toward finding the brazen — and seemingly sociopathic — suspect responsible for the ATM robbery and kidnapping.

The Wells Fargo security camera footage (below) shows the woman arriving at the ATM and peacefully going about her business, obviously not anticipating being the victim of a robbery, not to mention being kidnapped after being forced to get into her own trunk.

About one minute and 25 seconds into the security footage, trouble walks into the top of the frame, in the form of an African American male wearing grey sweat pants, a grey sweat shirt, and a white and blue beanie with one of those big, cute, fluffy tassels on top that he has no business wearing, especially to an ATM robbery where an innocent young woman is the victim.

The robbery suspect sneaks around the back of the ATM, much to the unpleasant surprise of the ATM robbery victim-to-be, and after a cursory glance at his phone, whips out a little pistol and sticks it in the female victim’s face, officially beginning the ATM robbery.

Words follow and the unfortunate, obviously terrified, woman gets out of her car before leaning back in to pop the trunk, the hope being that the delightful ATM robbery suspect is allowing her to retrieve some of her personal items before he drives off with her car.

But this does not turn out to be the case.

Instead, the ATM robbery suspect forces his victim into the trunk and shuts it before driving off. Fortunately, another thing he does before driving off is look directly into the security camera, providing an excellent look at his ATM robbing, female kidnapping, suspect face.

Arlington, Texas ATM robbery suspect
Wells Fargo ATM robbery suspect stares into security camera after forcing female victim into the trunk.

According to the victim, after forcing her into her own trunk, the ATM robbery suspect drove her around to other ATMs and forced her to give him money from her accounts. Finally, the ATM robbery suspect parked the car and fled, the female victim escaping from her trunk and calling 911 from a convenience store.

At that point, it was reportedly 3:40 in the morning.

Police think the ATM robbery suspect could also be responsible for another ATM robbery at the same Wells Fargo, that incident being a male victim at a walk-up ATM.

Police ask that anyone with any information on these ATM robberies to please call police at 817-459-5628 or Crime Stoppers at 817-469-TIPS. Potential rewards of up to $1,000 may be granted, according to Arlington police.

[Images via YouTube]