Sam Smith Already Broke Up With His Boyfriend?

Famous for his heartfelt and lonely lyrics, Sam Smith recently broke his streak of solitude by getting with an extra from one of his music videos. But fans couldn’t rejoice for long, because now it seems as though Sam has already broken up with his boyfriend.

According to Billboard, Sam Smith implied that he and Jonathan Zeizel had split by posting a somber photo to his Instagram and by dropping hints at a recent, emotionally charged performance. While Smith hasn’t officially confirmed the breakup yet, it’s a little hard to interpret his words any other way. The Instagram photo shows Sam putting on an exaggerated sad face and holding a glass of wine with the caption, “Sometimes you just need to lay in bed with a glass of red wine and a football T shirt and listen to Joni Mitchell. It’s been a sad day. Beautiful show, but sad day x.”

Sam Smith Sam Smith Instagram post.

If the Instagram wasn’t enough to convince you that Sam Smith might be single again, consider what he said at his concert on Tuesday. As he was about to perform “Like I Can” from his hit debut album In The Lonely Hour, Sam said to the audience, “This song is very special for me today. It’s because I’ve actually had to do a very similar thing today with someone I’ve been seeing.” This particular Sam Smith song is sung from the point of view of a man trying to convince his lover to stay with him, including the line, “They’ll never love you like I can.” This could imply that Sam Smith’s ex-boyfriend Zeizel might have found someone else.

But that’s not all Sam said on stage, according to the New York Daily News. Smith all but confessed that Zeizel dumped him this week.

“Hopefully I will find someone soon and when I do I think it will be a bit more difficult to sing songs because I will want to sing happy songs. Right now when I’m on stage I feel like it is good for me, it is like therapy every night. The music comforts me.”

Part of the concert, including Sam’s confession, was recorded by someone at the concert. Hear Sam Smith open up to his audience in the clip below.

Sam Smith’s representatives were contacted but did not respond with a comment on the singer’s love life.

Do you think this means Sam Smith is single again?