Nuggets Guard Ty Lawson Arrested For DUI

Ty Lawson, of the Denver Nuggets pro-basketball team, found himself in the back seat of a police car after he was pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, ESPN reports.

Friday morning at approximately 1:19 a.m., Denver police pulled Ty Lawson over when they witnessed his vehicle driving recklessly and going over the speed limit on Park Avenue West. Police officials say when they clocked the NBA point guard, he was going about 61 mph in a 35 mph zone.

“Upon contact, Lawson stated he had consumed alcohol prior to driving,” documents stated.

According to 9news, Lawson showed various signs of intoxication, such as slurred speech, swaying back and forth, and bloodshot eyes. Denver police also say that his breath emitted a strong odor of alcohol and, when given a field sobriety test, he failed.

Also, when the arresting officer offered Lawson to take a chemical test, he refused. However, he openly admitted to the Denver police officer that he had a few drinks prior to operating his vehicle. Lawson stated that he attended an event with the NBA Denver Nuggets that took place at a bowling alley.

He then admitted that it wasn’t his first time receiving a DUI citation. Lawson claimed that his first DUI citation was issued in the state of Missouri.

There was another police encounter involving Ty Lawson in 2013, but this time it regarded a domestic violence charge against his girlfriend, Ashley Nicole Pettiford. Those charges were later dismissed in Arapahoe County court.

“Based on our continued investigation and developments after the filing of the cases, we dismissed the cases in the interest of justice,” a spokesperson, Lisa Pinto, of the Arapahoe County DA office, stated.

Denver Nuggets are aware of Lawson’s DUI arrest, but have refused to comment on the matter. Tim Connelly – Nuggets general manager and Executive Vice President of the pro-basketball team – released a statement in regards to Ty Lawson’s DUI arrest.

“We have been made aware of an incident involving Ty Lawson early this morning. Per team policy and out of respect for the legal process, we will have no further comment at this time.”

In 2009, Ty Lawson was drafted by the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves, but was traded to Denver Nuggets soon after.

Ty Lawson received a citation for DUI (driving under the influence), speeding, and careless driving.

Under no circumstances should you operate a vehicle while under the influence. Do not drink and drive.

[Image via Keith Allison/Flickr]