Charlotte Mckinney Nude? Swimsuit Model Stars In Raunchy Carl’s Jr. Commercial

Charlotte McKinney is the latest swimsuit model to appear in the raunchy Carl’s Jr. ad. She appears nearly nude in the commercial. Charlotte’s commercial came out in time for the 2015 Super Bowl. McKinney, 23, devoured a Carl Jr.’s all-natural hamburger after walking around completely naked.

McKinney walks around a farmer’s market naked. She is the latest blonde model to appear in the controversial burger chain’s sexy new Super Bowl ad. It’s obvious that McKinney is comfortable in her own skin, as well.

Charlotte doesn’t just walk around naked in the commercial. She also seduces Super Bowl fans with her seductive voice.

“I love going all-natural. It makes me feel better.”

McKinney checks out the produce as she says her line. The swimsuit model appears to be nude in the commercial, but her privates are covered up strategically with pieces of fruit. As the crowd separates from McKinney, she reveals a flesh-colored string bikini and matching boy shorts. Talk about a tease.

“Nothing between me and my 100 percent, all-natural, juicy, grass fed beef.”

Charlotte coos at the camera as she indulges in an all-natural hamburger. This tantalizing commercial may make some fans hungry for something other than a burger. Football fans are sure to Google Charlotte’s name later that night or the next day.

McKinney has already been dubbed as the next Kate Upton, since they both have blonde hair and killer curves. The model says that she’s already tired of the comparisons. McKinney recently spoke with FOX411 about her Super Bowl commercial and the comparisons with Upton.

“I’m my own person. I think we both have a different style of what we’re going to do. I hope it’s Charlotte McKinney and not the next Kate Upton.”

Even though Charlotte is completely an unknown, she already has a huge following on Instagram. She often shares photos of her curvaceous figure, along with photos of gorgeous landscapes while shooting on location. However, Charlotte has been featured as a Guess Girl. You may have noticed her All American features and pin-up model looks in the sexy Guess ads.


McKinney dropped out of high school at age 17 due to constant bullying and to pursue modeling full-time. The 5-foot-7 model was then “picked up by Guess for their heart-stopping campaign,” according to a Daily Mail report. McKinney’s equally heart-stopping looks are a perfect match for their campaign.

Charlotte McKinney was already dubbed as the new “It” girl on the Inquisitr last summer. She currently works as a Wilhemina model in Los Angeles. Don’t expect her to do high-fashion photo shoots anytime soon, though. Charlotte says that she has no interest in high-fashion or runway since it doesn’t fit her aesthetic.


McKinney isn’t the only blonde bombshell to appear in the Carl’s Jr. ad. Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, and Upton herself have also starred in the infamous Carl’s famous commercials. Some are wondering if Charlotte’s career will take off, much like Kate’s did after her appearance in her racy Super Bowl commercials.

[Image by Charlotte McKinney via Twitter]