Conan O’Brien Has Taco Bell-Related Seizure [Video]

Taco Bell is practically the poster child for types of food you should avoid eating, and for good reason. The deep-fried, cheese-soaked menu is one of the most calorie-filled fast food joints around, which made it perfect for a Conan O’Brien segment where he takes a Taco Bell-loving co-worker to the company headquarters to learn a little more about the much-derided American chain. When Conan gets there, he tries out of a few of Taco Bell’s longest lasting menu items, and then falling onto the floor in a seizure when he he eats a deep-fried taco. By the time he gets to dessert (Taco Bell’s cinnamon twists), he doesn’t seem to think the food is made from real ingredients anymore.

“This is deep-fried DNA, right?”

As healthy lifestyle campaigns attempt to curb both childhood and adult obesity, Americans have started to avoid food like Taco Bell, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s something Taco Bell itself isn’t oblivious to. After all, they have to realize their name is synonymous enough with heart-attack inducting salt and fat for O’Brien to do a skit where he has a seizure from eating it. Instead of continuing to pack their food with calories instead of nutrition, the company has been making a concentrated effort to lower salt in their food. Oddly enough, Taco Bell isn’t publicizing this campaign very much in fear that its customers will stop eating at their store, Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed told The Courier-Journal.

“People don’t want the taste to change. If I came out and said ‘new low sodium Taco Bell,’ some people will think it will taste like you know what, and they are not going to come.”

Maybe Conan O’Brien will have to get Burger King next time.

[Image via Flickr]