Shaq Is Crafting A Sitcom With TruTV

Shaq is reportedly working on a sitcom with the folks over at TruTV. Those readers who have suffered through such cinematic gems as Kazaam and Steel are probably wondering what in blue blazes is happening in Hollywood right now.

Although most people probably wouldn’t think that Shaq would be the first person on-deck to develop a sitcom for the aforementioned cable network, apparently dubious forces are at work in offices throughout Tinseltown these days. According to Deadline, the former basketball star is putting together a situation comedy with TruTV.

What sort of small-screen sitcom is Shaq developing? Word on the street suggests the Blue Chips star is working on a project that’s similar to HBO’s hit series Veep. All jokes aside, apparently TruTV has faith in the project; the network has already ordered a pilot, which means the idea made it across somebody’s desk.

Here’s how the folks at Deadline describe Shaq’s sitcom.

“[T]he scripted comedy follows O’Neal and the team who runs his businesses. The offbeat, yet capable, group juggles the mayhem of managing Shaq’s existing products and endorsements while implementing his latest batch of eccentric and oftentimes brilliant business ideas. While they’re all working towards the same goal, each employee is constantly jockeying for the power and recognition to make the big guy proud.”

Jeremy Garelick — the guy responsible for penning both The Break-Up and The Wedding Ringer — is reportedly working on the script, while veteran television director John Fortenberry (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Galavant) will step behind the camera. No word yet on who will join Shaq in his bid for small-screen stardom.

While Shaq’s success in the world of scripted entertainment is questionable at best, perhaps portraying himself in the sitcom will ultimately work in his favor. His cameos on The Bernie Mac Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm worked because he wasn’t trying to portray somebody else. He was Shaq, and, for the most part, he generated a few chuckles. Hopefully, the big guy’s supporting cast can help smooth over the rough edges.

For those who haven’t properly ingested either Kazaam or Steel, we encourage you to check out the videos embedded below. While these clips may not do Shaq’s upcoming sitcom any favors, they’re fairly entertaining nonetheless.

Here’s a look at Shaq in Kazaam.

When you’ve recovered, check out the trailer for Steel.

What do you think about Shaq creating a sitcom with the boys and girls at TruTV? Is it a project worth investigating, or a full-blown mistake?

[Lead image via Atlanta Black Star]