Jennifer Kesse: Help Find Woman Missing For 9 Years — New Photo Shows How She Would Look Today

Jennifer Kesse vanished from her Orlando, Florida, condo complex exactly nine years ago Saturday, January 24. On Friday of this week, Orlando police, along with the young woman’s family, have never given up searching for Jennifer, and released a new photo that through computerized simulated aging shows what the missing woman might look like today.

Police have asked the public to circulate the photo by social media, or any means possible, in hopes that someone will have seen Kesse recently.

Jennifer Kesse
Jennifer Kesse as she appeared in 2006 (left) and a computer rendition of how she might appear today.

When she mysteriously disappeared, Jennifer Kesse was 24-years-old. If she is still alive, she would now be 33. In the photo above, the image of Kesse at left shows her appearance around the time she went missing. The image on the left reveals what how she would probably appear today.

Kesse was in a long-distance relationship with a boyfriend who lived in south Florida, and had just returned from a weekend trip to the island of St. Croix with him on January 23, 2006, which was a Monday. Rather than return to her own home that day, she drove directly from his south Florida apartment to her place of work, Central Florida Investments in Orlando, that morning.

She left work at 6 p.m. that evening, and returned to her own home. From there, she spoke on the phone to her mother, father, and brother. At 9:57 p.m., she called her boyfriend, which she did every night and morning without fail.

But that 9:57 p.m. call was the last anyone who knew her ever heard from Jennifer Kesse.

Evidence shows that the missing woman spent the night in her home, and appeared to prepare for work as she normally would on the morning of January 24, 2006. But when her boyfriend did not hear from her during her morning commute, he called her office and was told she had not arrived for work.

A visit by family to her apartment later that day showed that the place appeared in good order, and that her bed had bee slept in. A damp towel and moisture in bathroom appeared to show that she had taken a shower that morning. There were two outfits laid out on her bed, as if she were deciding what to wear that day.

At 4 p.m. that day, she was declared to be missing. Two days later, police found her abandoned car in the parking lot of another condo complex just over a mile down the same road on which Kesse lived.

A grainy, indistinct surveillance video showed what appeared to be a person wearing a white shirt, light colored pants, and dark shoes parking her car, then walking away. Police tried to find the “person of interest,” but never figured out who it was. The surveillance video can be viewed above.

Items of value were found in her abandoned car, leading police to believe that robbery was not behind Kesse’s disappearance.

At the time of her disappearance, Jennifer Kesse was described as 5’8″ and 125 pounds with shoulder-length “sandy blonde” hair and green eyes. Anyone with information about her possible whereabouts, or what happened to her, is asked to call 800-423-TIPS (8477).