Vandalism Of Jesus Christ — What’s Your Beef With Baby Jesus?

I have never understood the point of vandalism in general, but the harming of items depicting our Lord Jesus Christ makes me wonder what events and emotions are behind such desecration. Do these vandals blame Jesus for their problems? Are they angry at Christ for relationships gone wrong, the loss of a job, or other similar situations? Perhaps they are simply the type of people who care about nothing and find it amusing to destroy that which others hold dear.

The San Gabriel Mission Church Cemetery was hit earlier this week. According to KTLA, two tombs were desecrated, and a granite statue of Jesus Christ was overturned and smashed to pieces. I would think nothing but great pain and anger could result in such actions. An attempt was made to topple another statue of Jesus, but was unsuccessful due to the height and weight. This depiction of Jesus Christ did not get away unscathed, however. A cross on the tombstone was broken.

Jesus statue on tombstone knocked over and smashed to bits at San Gabriel Mission Church.

The damage was estimated at a whopping $50,000. San Gabriel Police Chief David A. Lawton was astounded at the violent act.

“This is a tragic and despicable incident, and whoever is responsible for this should be ashamed of their actions and brought to justice.”

Around Christmas time last month, baby Jesus was stolen from many nativity scenes. In Dubuque, the WCF Courier reports that two women kidnapped Jesus Christ from the outdoor manger at The Resurrection Catholic Church. A few days later, it was returned. Surveillance footage led to the arrest of the ladies.

Sadly, this is the second time that Christ has been taken from the church. It is doubtful that the nativity will continue to be displayed outdoors.

Perhaps most disturbing is the story of the baby Jesus that was robbed from Sacred Hearts Church in Haverhill, Massachusetts. In the time between midnight mass and morning services on Christmas day, Jesus Christ was taken from the nativity and replaced with a severed pig’s head. Father John Delaney was shocked at the horrible act.

Stolen Baby Jesus replaced with severed pig head in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Oddly enough, this same type of incident happened at a different Haverhill church in the past.

So where does this desire to attack and kidnap baby Jesus, or actually Jesus Christ in any form, arise? Is it simply a practical joke in extremely poor taste? Or is the true cause something much more sinister? Do you feel the destruction of holy church property more serious than home robberies? Share your thoughts.

[Featured image via Reuters; image 1 via KTLA, courtesy of the San Gabriel Police Department; image 2 via the Daily Mail, courtesy of the Haverhill Police Department]