New England Patriots ‘Security Footage’ Released By WEEI In Hilarious Video

WEEI has released New England Patriots “security footage” that shows just how those footballs got deflated. It’s just one of the many videos that has been created to poke fun at the never ending “deflate gate.” In case you haven’t been on the internet, or watched the news all week, “deflate gate” is what many have been calling the scandal that is surrounding the Patriots ahead of the Super Bowl. There have been claims that the team (or someone associated with the team) deflated footballs to below-regulation PSI before the Indianapolis Colts AFC Championship game.

While people all over the country are calling the Patriots “cheaters,” and hanging on every word the NFL isn’t saying, people in Boston have been having a spot of fun with the allegations. The video above is clear proof of that.

The New England Patriots “security footage” isn’t real, naturally, but it certainly pokes fun at the idea that someone let air out of the footballs before Sunday’s game. And WEEI isn’t the only media outlet to make fun of the scandal. Check out this post by the Latin Times for a dozen more Patriots-related jokes that have been floating around the internet this week.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Julian Edelman posted a video of his own this week, but it had nothing to do with “deflate gate,” at least not directly. The video was a photo montage of some of the Patriots star players, and it was set to the theme from Growing Pains. Check it out here.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]