‘Scandal’ Spoilers: Kerry Washington Uses Five Little Words To Tease Big Return

Scandal fans have less than one week until the return of the Thursday night favorite. Kerry Washington is ready for the return of Olivia Pope, and she shared her excitement with fans of the show on Twitter on Thursday night. Katie Lowes joined Washington for an #AskScandal session, and fans asked both actresses for details on the big midseason premiere, Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 titled “Run.”

At the end of the winter finale, fans saw Olivia Pope vanish in less than thirty seconds after she decided to ignore what everyone else wanted of her and focus on what she wanted to do. Olivia Pope had enough of the tug of war between Jake and Fitz, and she had enough of trying to handle her father. She wanted the sun with Jake, and she wanted Vermont with Fitz. She wanted it all.

After that moment, Olivia’s life changes forever. Jake returned from the bedroom to find her missing. When Scandal Season 4 returns, fans will learn what happened to Olivia Pope.

Both Kerry Washington and Katie Lowes played coy when asked to drop any hints about the midseason premiere, but one lucky fan did have their teaser question answered. The fan asked the two stars for five words that described the midseason premiere. Kerry Washington did not hesitate with her answer.

Fans also asked Kerry specific questions about her character and playing Olivia Pope. Washington’s portrayal has earned praise from fans and critics. Olivia Pope has become one of the most powerful characters on television. One fan asked both Kerry and Katie what the favorite part about playing their character was for them. Kerry quickly handled the question again with a response about the overall path her character has taken since the series began.

One fan did ask Kerry a more personal question about playing Olivia Pope. Kerry did not hide the fact that her taking on the character of Olivia Pope definitely had a strong impact on her life. In fact, she revealed in her reply that playing Olivia Pope made her a better person.


Not much new footage of the midseason premiere has aired on television yet, but the Scandal ABC Facebook did share a new teaser for the series on Thursday. Another episode preview does show fans Olivia Pope’s kidnapping. She runs for her life in the final moments of the preview.

Scandal fans have made it clear that they want Olivia Pope back on their screens. The reaction to the #AskScandal event had the hashtag trending on Twitter on Thursday night.

What do you think? Are you ready for the return of Scandal Season 4 to ABC? The midseason premiere will air on Thursday night.

[Photo: Scandal ABC Facebook]