‘America’s Best Looking Couple’? Buck And Michelle Miller Give Themselves The Title [Video]

Is this America’s “best looking” couple?

According to Gossip Cop, Buck and Michelle Miller have crowned themselves with the title. They work out up to six times a day, and spend what some would call ridiculous amounts of money to keep themselves in the best possible shape. To them, no couple in the country looks any better.

“The personal trainers and professional body builders spend more than $75,000 every year maintaining their physical appearances with everything from manicures and tanning to vitamin supplements and gym memberships,” reports Gossip Cop.

According to Mail Online, Michelle, 33, is from Vancouver, Canada, and Buck, 27, is from Las Vegas. The two met at a bodybuilding competition in California back in 2012. They have been dedicated to pushing themselves to the limit, supporting each other, and staying in the best shape of their lives.

“If there was a competition for the world’s best looking couple, I would sign up right now. We’re a power couple making power moves,” says Buck.

Check out the couple’s routine in the video above.

Do you think Buck and Michelle Miller are America’s “best looking” couple?

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