Manny Pacquiao’s Scottish Accent Is Incredible … Seriously

Manny Pacquiao is widely regarded as one of the best boxers in the history of the sport. However what most people probably don’t realise is that he is also surprisingly impressive at accents too. Especially Scottish.

OK, we’re not sure if Manny Pacquiao has perfected any other accent. But what we are sure of is that his Scottish twang is mightily impressive. Don’t believe us? Then check out this footage below.

This footage was joined by the following caption.

@emmanuelpacquiao stopped by the Panic Room last week to talk football, boxing, and his upcoming film. And, in a surprise development, he revealed what he and #StevenNaismith have in common. Our entire interview with Manny goes live on tomorrow. #PacMan

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Manny Pacquiao did the almost faultless imitation while appearing on Men In Blazers, the NBC Sports soccer show that is hosted by British presenters Roger Bennett and Michael Davies.

Pacquiao went on to insist in his Scottish accent that he is “fighting for freedom against the Englishmen.” The boxing behemoth was on the light-hearted show to promote the upcoming documentary about his life, Manny, which is due out on Friday.

At the moment, Manny Pacquiao currently has plenty of time on his hands to try and perfect his Scottish accent. That’s because the Filipino powerhouse is currently waiting to agree terms for his potential mega bout with Floyd Mayweather.

This titanic tussle has been in the pipeline for around five years. However, despite the length of these negotiations, Pacquiao and his team have now grown tired of waiting to agree a deal with Mayweather and his team.

Pacquiao has insisted that the deal for the fight needs to have been signed by the end of January, otherwise it is off. Tentatively, the bout has been organized for May 2 and it will be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s been estimated that, if it goes ahead, their fight will be worth around $200 million.

At the moment, Pacquiao is adamant that Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his camp are responsible for the lack of confirmation. Meanwhile Mayweather Jr. recently stated in an interview with Sirirus XMRadio that the blame should be laid at the door of Pacquiao’s promoter.

“We have been going back and forth, communicating with their team. We’re going to make it happen though. We’re trying, but it’s been extremely difficult dealing with Top Rank. And I don’t want to sit here and point the finger at Pacquiao and say ‘it’s him.’

“It’s not Pacquiao, it’s his promoter [Arum]. A lot of times when Pacquiao says, ‘I agreed,’ you don’t have nothing to do with this, you’re not a boss. On a chess board you’re a pawn.”

[Image via NBC Sports]